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Tire Choice review: Auto repair 3

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If you want to be robbed, this is the place to go. Went in to get an oil / filter change, basically to cover me until we decide to trade it in. Told clerk engine light was on, and has been for 3 years, but no problems. Didn't want to spend hundreds for a diagnostic. Clerk told me if I was thinking about keeping it instead of trading, diagnostic would only be $100, and would tell me why light was always on. Results came back stating if I did $2600 in work, light would be off, truck would last years more and I could keep it instead of trade. Did the work, got new tires and, a few days after, light came back on. Asked why they did all that work that obviously didn't need to be done, because it did not fix what they said it would, clerk tried to blame new problem as the cause, actually trying to convince me that this new problem just happened to start, right after they did neccessary work.

Desired outcome: Make sure people know this company is bad

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Liz Hartmann
Marrero, US
Jun 28, 2023 9:14 pm EDT
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Totally take your money. Never again. Not professional.

Tampa, US
Aug 03, 2023 10:18 pm EDT
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Had a very similar overcharge/rip-off experience with the chain Tire Kingdom recently. Thanks for your review as I look for an actual honest, fair auto repair shop (why does this entire industry seem so dishonest, and how do they get away with it?) I will avoid both Tire Kingdom and Tire Choice.

JW Adams
Jul 08, 2024 10:19 am EDT
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I went in to Tires Choice in Naples to get tires for a 10 and a half hour trip the following day. Service manager tried to convince me I would need an alignment too. After the install of tires, the tire sensor default light came on. The manager said it would go off after driving. The warning light never went off even after the 10 hour trip. I called the store to inform them of the issue and was told bring back to have the problem corrected. After returning home a week later, I attempted to make an appointment. The store manager answered the phone and tried to tell me that by breaking down the tires and the sensor getting air caused the sensors to go bad. He was so obnoxious and mean. Did I forget to mention it was both front tire sensors? Never had any issue until new tires were installed! He stated they usually would quit working after the install. Why didn't he tell me that before the install?

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