Tim Hortonswi-fi and basic power supply

J Feb 01, 2020 Review updated:

I am a regular customer at this location but am very frustrated with the service advertised on the widows and doors. The ads say free WiFi for everyone. Well I have noticed that the manager at this location will often shut down the router for everyone if he notices someone he doesn't want to ate here is using it. This is mostly students from the local high school and anyone he thinks may be homeless. He uses the exact same tactic with the power outlets by turning the breaker off. I just bought an extra large and a donut with the condition and subsequent that promise the breakers would be checked and power restored. This didn't happen and when i inquired why they hadn't kept their word I was told the breakers are in the managers office and he wouldn't be in until the next day. This is bold lies after bold lies. Would any business risk having no power like that? Why? These are daily happenings here so I do hope some action is taken.


  •   Feb 01, 2020

    how do you know the manager is cutting off the wifi because someone HE HATES IS EATING THERE??? you be the person he apparently hates??

    THATS YOUR FUNERAL! why you go where you not liked???

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