Tim Hortonsstate of disrepair and lack of corporate rules not being followed

R Jan 11, 2020 Review updated:

I was at the 4th street tim hortons location on wed jan 7, 2020. To my disgust, the store is in disrepair, and tim hortons own rules and health regulations not being* followed.
I was always lead to believe that health regulations as well as corporate regulations were a must. As an owner, that should be his responsibility. Not!!
There is a hole in the ceiling from water damage; the staff that I observed working at the sandwich prep area as well as the guys working the counter, wore no hair nets, which if i'm not mistaken are mandatory.
The glaze on his donuts is disgusting... So thick that it tastes like glaze with a little donut flavoring; lattes, when made are half foam and coffee that is older than the mandatory 20 minutes.
Windows that are finger printed, bench seats that are worn and torn badly, floors that are cracked and dirty.
If this owner is not interested in following th rules and regulations, then maybe he should hire a
Hire a manager/supervisor too help bring this business back to the busling place it used to be.
I used to work at tim hortons in regina, so I know what is acceptable and what is not.
Can you tell me why this owner is getting* away with all the infractions, while others would not?
This guy has a gold mine in his hand, but does seem to care or is unable to get his staff on board with the rules.
If I could, I would love to work there and help bring back this store to the prosperity that I know is there to be had


  • Um is not an answer! Jan 11, 2020

    make an anonymous call to the health department. make sure they get caught with their pants down.

    sometimes taking the bull by the horns is the only way to get through to some people.

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