Thousand Trailscabin c24 and resort cleanliness

Cf Oct 11, 2019

I had several issues during our stay October 4-6, 2019. I addressed most issues with the campground, partying by neighbors until 1:30am, power tools two mornings in a row at 7:00am, no activities happening despite being scheduled, overall campground was run down and honestly in a bit of disrepair.
The campground manager apologized for the state of the camp, stated they do need to get some more updated cabins and would have activities the next week if we wanted to come back. Unfortunately even if we wanted to give the campground another try we can't because both my children are extremely sick since leaving the cabin we rented. Above the bunk area where my children were sleeping the ceiling was covered in what looked like mildew from what looked like a water leak and upon opening the door the cabin smelled like mildew/musty. The day we were leaving our children had light coughs but I thought since it's fall in New England it was allergies or a cold. 2 days later they had severe coughs and high grade fevers. Upon a doctor's visit we were told my daughter had developed pneumonia and my son had a respiratory infection. They have missed almost a full week of school and are still very ill. My concern is this developed during our stay in a cabin that may not just contain mildew but they may have been subjected to black mold directly over their beds. I am extremely angry and disgusted currently mainly because I don't believe we should have ever been placed in this cabin and I don't believe it's safe for others to stay in. I wish I had asked to be moved in retrospect. I intend to call the Sturbridge Board of Health on the next business day to ask that they pay a visit and check into the cabin to be certain it is not a hazard to other children. I also want them to be aware of my children's medical conditions.

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