Thorntonsparre cashier

G Oct 20, 2019

Verbally aggressive cashier who threatened me with physical violence after lying to the manager about what my transaction was. First she refused service because I called her out for not checking id to a credit card, then she refused to give me her name or number to corporate. She was on register two 10/20/19 @ 0750am. My friend went in to get cigarettes she wouldn't sell to him because he didn't have Id fine, I went in to pay for the gas because he forgot to get that and she started in with I'm not selling you these cigarettes. I pointed out she didn't even Id for the card, they never do up there. I stated I wanted 15 on pump 2 she stated she wasn't going to sell me that. I then demanded a manager and she told me to go find him he was outside. I told her I wanted her name and corporates number she said go get it off the door. When the manager walked back in I saw him and went back into the store to get corporates number and her name. She was lying about what I had asked for because I never asked for the cigarettes, only the gas. It is all on camera. She kept saying things like you better check yourself before I check you, told me her shirt could come off at which time I said bring it because if you touch me I will lay you out then file assault charges. She started to walk around the counter again on camera, her manager stopped her. He rang me up, gave me corporate number and the general managers name which is Shawn. I will be calling him in the morning. I am throughly disappointed in her behavior and would expect you would not continue to employee someone who is going to make physical threats to your customers. I am a nurse and had just got done working 13 hours for the state of Indiana's hospital caring for psychiatric patients and the way she behaved was much like one of my patients. She is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off if she's willing to start coming around a counter after a guest because she got called out for doing wrong to begin with. My point in doing that was if she's gonna sit there and accuse me of trying to buy cigarettes for someone who clearly looks over the age of 35 then she needs to be doing her job completely correctly and not pick and choose. My house is literally right up the street and I spend well over $200 in this store on my own not to mention the $150 plus dollars a week my sister spends. It may not break this store but they have now lost all of that as we will not be going back to this store so long as she is employed there. That is approximately 17, 800 per year your store just lost because of this woman. In all likelihood that is very close to what she brings home each year. Depending on what her pay rate is you are still loosing because of her actions very close to what it costs to pay her knowing that the going pay scale ranges from 8.50-10.75 per hour. That might be something you want to think about before continuing to employee someone who is volatile in there behavior and could chase off more paying customers. And before she says that this was a race thing as she isn't the same race as me let me let it be known that I am a firm advocate for all peoples rights to be treated equally. Age, sex, race, religion, sexual persuasion do not matter to me. What matters to me is treating individuals with human civility instead of jumping their case when they come back in a store to purchase gas. I did get an attitude back because I will not be disrespected when I did not disrespect her to begin with. She had an assumption, I respected her right to not sell the cigarettes, I do believe however that if a person is going to follow rules they should follow all rules and not make exceptions out of laziness. I fully expect a complete investigation into her actions because she could have very easily escalated to physical violence. That is not someone who should be in customer service.
I expect a phone call back and I will also be calling the gm in the morning to expedite this. My name is Gabrielle Lindeman my phone number is [protected] and my email is [protected] I would greatly appreciate your company helping to keep our gas stations safe and free from people who think violence is the answer when they are wrong and it's pointed out to them. Also why would you want a liar working for you? Someone who can't own up to their own actions and makes up things about customers is not someone you should desire handling your money.

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