K Dec 08, 2019

As I went into Thortons 4520 Dixie Hwy Louisville Ky 40216 The Cashier did not want to run my Lottery slip numbers in which I had filled out. I asked him to run lottery slip 7 times. he start rolling his eyes and act like he could barely walk over to run the Lottery slip. He started rubbing his head and then decided to punched my numbers in 7 times wrong.He felt like that was to many times to run my Lottery slip into the machine by hand. I went to the next cashier ans asked her to run that same slip 7 times. He said his name was Dustin and he could hear me talking. I sad yes I'm talking because this the second time I Came in this store and you punched my numbers in wrong because you did not want to use the Lottery slip I gave you. I let him know he was very rude. He kept talking negative.
Please Run Your Tape for this Store. 12/08/2019
Time Line about 8:40 P M & 9:00 P M
I worked Retail for years, and in my heart I would never treat anyone the way he treated me.
I need follow up on this Thortons.
Katie English
3131- #16485
Crumbs Lane
Louisville Ky 40216

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