The UPS Storecustomer service

Mi Oct 08, 2019

It's been a few weeks and I've contemplated even sending this email however, it still bothers me how bad my experience was at this store.

The gentleman helping me was the assistant manager Andrew. He was the most unhelpful person in customer service I have dealt with in awhile.

I brought in an item to be shipped and he asked if I wanted a box or bag for it... I said I wasn't sure- and he told me the bag would be the cheaper option and so I said alright. I had a baby in my arms and he pointed to the back wall where the bags were- I went and grabbed one to the front and tried to struggle holding my baby and put the item in the bag. It tore the bag a little... and he said you might need the bigger bag and I said okay and again went to the back wall again for the larger bag. I came back to the counter trying again to put my item in the bag with one arm while I held my baby in the other arm. He offered no help, just watched. THEN once I finally got the item in the bag he rung me up and says "well do you wanna pay for this ripped bag since I can't sell it now?" ... I shrugged and said that's fine. So I paid for the ripped bag as well as the bigger bag that was used to ship my item. If he had helped me in the FIRST place I don't think I would of ended up ripping a bag or if I knew I was going to be charged for it you better believe I would of just taped that bag and made it work. It was just a very bad experience and extremely poor customer service.

I will absolutely use a different location from here on out for all shipping needs.

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