The UPS Storeservice with store manager

S Jul 30, 2019 Review updated:

On july 30 at approximately 6pm i arriver at this location to return a item to be shipped. The manager (caucasian older man) created a label for me and i paid the fee. Oncr completed i asked him if hr had tape available so that i may tape my package. He made me wait 4 customers later to then say that he must package tape my items in the back. I informed him that i must see the bag that had my items inside taped as there was a prior incident in his store where by belongings were not properly taped. He then proceeded to argue with me and in fromt of other custimers and began calling me racial slurs and said do not ever come back to his store you [censored]. I want to make a formal complaint and would like something done abiut this. As a business owner myslef i would not have handled the situation as he did. He gave no other solution ither than leaving hia store and not coming back, or refunding me my $ back. I told him he may take my itemto the back and taor and to simply bring it back out so that i can have proof of it and he said that i will bot give him orders on what to do in his store. I would like to have this matter addressed asap. I also recorded the incident and was going to make it public so that the piblic can see but i said that i want to take the proper steps first.


  •   Jul 31, 2019

    You recorded it without consent? Is that legal in your state? He called you a racial slur in front of four other customers? I’m thinking that you are lying about this and are upset that he wouldn’t tape your package in front of you.

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