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Went into the ups store this afternoon to get a couple of documents signed by the notary public. I told the notary public that I would be signing for my mother since I have a power of attorney to do so. She looked at the documents and told me that my mom had to be present to do the signing. Since I was in a hurry to have the docs signed this afternoon, I went ahead and get my mom She was waiting in the car because I take her with me everywhere because of her dementia that doesn't allow me to leave her at home by herself while I do this errand. So, after 10 min of persuading my mom to come to the ups store, she was finally in front of the notary public who then asked her if she had her consent to let me sign for her. My mom said yes and then she asked for her ID. I showed her her last drivers license that expired in 2014 and explained that her current ca id was lost. She abruptly said " I can't help you then." She then proceeded to to help other customers and left me there FRUSTRATED and CONFUSED!! I showed her the proper documents to show that I was authorized to sign yet she wanted her to be there in her presence as if she didn't believe the documents were real. It is ironic that I have the power of attorney documents signed at the same ups store. SO, it was as if she was saying, we don't believe the validity of our own notary public. I said something to the effect that she should have told me that was required and the only response she could say was " You didn't ask". I then replied that she was a notary public and should have let her clients know what was required. I left with my mom angry and called her a [protected]@##! I feel bad about saying that but it felt good at the time. I didn't get her name but she is the one with the incompetent look on her face. If there was a rating less that 1 star, that will still be a generous rating to give to this store. STAY AWAY if you value your time and sanity!! STAY AWAY unless you like the feeling of being treated like a criminal and nothing more than a nuisance to her day. Just STAY AWAY!
A reasonable resolution to this issue would be for this lady to get more training on how to be more tact instead of tactless. Also, to get more training on the proper procedures in dealing with notarizing documents involving power of attorneys issues. It still gets me mad that I had to subject my mom to getting out of the car, she has a hard time walking and she has dementia, which requires a lot of time to get her to come with me to the store. All of it was totally unnecessary. An UNreasonable resolution to this issue would be for this employee to get fired for cause and get treated the same way I was treated. If only.


  •   Aug 20, 2019

    Next time try your bank. They’re more knowledgeable about signing documents and the legalities of power-of-attorney.

    I was a notary years ago and I didn’t require the presence of the person you were authorized by to sign. What if they had severe dementia or were in a coma? I know this because I was in a coma for three years and my mom had poa. I couldn’t go anywhere with her as I was an hour away in Boston and fighting to live.

    I’d contact your state office officials and find out the rules of presenting the person that you have poa rights for.

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  •   Aug 20, 2019

    @SubSquirrel And what about if the person who wants this crap done is on the other side of the country?

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  •   Aug 20, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! There are other businesses that have notaries available for a fee.

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