The Salvation Army USAunethical behavior

Je Sep 30, 2019


I'm putting in this complaint but do not want to get into trouble for doing it. I was at work today and the fire marshals showed up to check out the back room, I communicated to my boss via text message to let him know that they were there and i get back for an answer k via text message back from my boss. We are overlaoded with donations and we have absolutely no room for any more, we have a sign on the door only taking clothes and shoes. We have only two paid workers in the st. Johnsbury store and we never get supplies, we have to buy trash bags so we can do our job. We send supply list every week or we text our boss what we need. I like my job and the customers so i would like to do what i can to make sure customers are happy when they shop. I just dont know what we are going to do about the back room because we were told the truck is broke down. We really can not put anymore donations outback but our boss also wants the store clean, we can not do everything just the two of us and no help or hardly any help.

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