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I submitted a form with photographs of what I believe to be a mis-struck coin. This was on the 28th of November
I had a reply saying it could take more than 28 days but since then I have heard nothing despite sending about six emails, some of which received replies and some didn't.
I also resubmitted a form do detail that I has not heard anything and still just got the standard reply back.
It is now over three months surely someone can let me know what is happening.
My Account number is [protected]
My email address is paul.[protected]@ntlworld.com
Thank you for your time and if you require more information please feel free to email me.
Kind regards

order paid for not complete

Ordered 2 2018 gold sovereigns at the end of December and received one on the 31/12/18 (PMC-052457). I have...

A lot to be desired

British Royal Mint - www.royalmint.com

So I ordered a coin from the British Royal Mint. I soon discovered that a company (Asset Marketing Services Incorporated Inc) based in Minneapolis, MN does the order processing for the mint for United States orders.

Overall, the experience was unpleasant for the following reasons:

1) After placing my order and registering at the website, I was unable to login to check my order status.

2) I emailed the customer service department (Asset Marketing Services Inc) daily for two weeks before I received a reply.

3) The company charged me $11.95 postage; where the package mailed to me was posted for $1.98.

I appreciate the coins offered by the British Royal Mint; however the U.S. company handling the U.S. orders leaves a lot to be desired.