The Honey Baked Ham Companyimproperly made sandwich and the use of inferior products

And handicapped and I have to struggle with a walker to go into a facility so I go into the store and I have a BOGO coupon which is great because it's a treat for me and I order my favorite sandwich ham salad with lettuce and tomato and Hickory honey mustard for both sandwiches the same I even had a conversation with the associate who had brown hair and glasses and was young about how the labeling look different on the mustard but it looks like the same mustard I get my sandwiches after I pay and I go back out to my car and I drive away I pull out a half a sandwich take a bite and there's a very weird crunch so I looked down at my sandwich in my tomato is white with just a pink rim around it it is the most unripe tomato I have ever seen even after I told the associate how much I like tomatoes and be sure that they covered my whole sandwich she chose the most unripe tomatoes that she had to put on my sandwich I also did not have my Hickory honey mustard so I had driven a bit by now at pull over and I make the phone call and tell them about my own happiness and that my sandwiches just aren't my favorite sandwich if they're not made right so I tell them I'm going to come back for the very least some decent tomato slices and some honey mustard I even mentioned maybe they need to bring the bottle out to my car to squirt it on there and maybe leave the bottle with me for my time and trouble so I get to the store and they bring me out for slices wrapped in brown paper of tomato and to Hickory honey packets and that is all and I would think since this was something they did that made me unhappy about my favorite sandwich that they would at least spend the contents of a lunch box to make me happy like a small broccoli salad cookie potato chips maybe a soda anything to show that they cared about me and my order but there was nothing. So basically they did the very least possible to fix my sandwich without actually doing anything to make me happy and they didn't even fix my sandwich I had to fix my sandwich after I got home because they just gave me more ingredients. The ingredients that were previously ordered super disappointed as I don't get to go and have the street very often being someone on monthly benefits and being disabled. I did tell him I was going to meet them at the door and not get back out of my car with my Walker as how much trouble that is to do in so much pain. Victoria Payton [protected]. [protected] Augusta Georgia [protected]

The Honey Baked Ham Company
The Honey Baked Ham Company

Nov 08, 2019

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