The Grout Medictile & grout cleaning and regrouting.


I had both The Grout Medic and Grout Smith come to my home for estimates.
The person from Grout Smith showed me how the tile would look in my shower and it was excellent.

I assumed that it would be the same from The Grout Medic and since they were recommended I went with them.

The shower tiles didn't match the one did by Grout Smith and when I told the worker that he said it had something to do with the oils on feet. Sounded ridiculous.

The owner said he would come on Monday to take care of everything. He came on Monday, I was not there and he worked on it and said he would be back on Wednesday. He never showed up. I called him several times as well as emailing him. No reply.

I contacted their HQ and spoke to a woman there who told me they have to email him and to call back in 24-48 hours which I did . No reply from Bill Glennon, the franchisee.

Today I called their HQ again and two women were very rude to me and had no idea what was going on. Very unprofessional.

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