The Bricknatuzzi leather sectional

B Nov 18, 2019

On July 27th 2019 - Invoice #[protected]
I purchased a Black Natuzzi sectional on July27th along with a queen bed, night stand and chest for us (total $7, 403.69) and also purchased Madrid Bed and Talia 7pc Dining Pkg (total $1913.08) on invoice 072794AVABQ - my complaint is regarding the sectional. - this is just to show you that I did make a big purchase and I am very upset the way this whole situations has been handled

I was told by the Salesperson originally that the sectional would be available and delivered in mid October at the time of purchase, which seemed reasonable I then received a call from Customer Service in August informing me that the sectional will be delivered Dec 14 due to a leather shortage by the supplier - I then went to the store to speak to customer service in mid September to ask if I could cancel my order because I didn't want to wait 6 months for a sectional and felt that there was still time to cancel the order because they still hadn't assembled it yet the supplier was going to ship it out on November 1st and it would take 40 days to get to Toronto I was told No because it was a custom order the only thing custom was that the colour is black so I left very upset because they couldn't do anything for me and basically I had no choice. I then received a call around the 8th of November and was told that the sectional will now be delivered to the Brick December 30th, I was very disappointed and disgusted that it was going to take more time I really wanted the sectional before Christmas and now with the holidays it will now take mid January - I told the store manager that I no longer wanted to wait and if there was anyway she or someone with authority could cancel this sectional I no longer want and she said it was a shipping issue and nothing she could do and she would keep in touch - I told her to do the right thing and cancel this order and she responded she could not do that and I told her not to bother I didn't want to hear any more excuses from anyone from the Brick - I am so disappointed this is the way I was treated and to have no choice but to wait 6-7 months for a sectional - I would like The Brick to honor my request and cancel this order, you have changed my delivery date 3 times- I think I have been very patient and hope The Brick can look into this complaint and nightmare - I have left numerous messages on your complaint phone line and no one has reached out to me- Very poor Customer Service I have never dealt with any business and treated so poorly- Please look into this issue as soon as possible - and put yourself in the customer's place would you wait 6-7 months for a sectional?
Please cancel this order -

Carmela Rizzo
My cell # [protected]

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