The Bricksales

Wi Oct 08, 2019

Hello my name is Sheranne McNaughton I am writing to make a complaint about your corporate sales person Alicia at the Brantford location she falsely advertised items she sold saying they were capable of sanitizing my childs bedding which she also sold me the bed and mattress covers my total purchase was $16, 748.00 for the items the federal government had paid. These items where purchased to help with my disabled childs special needs but they are not capable of doing what your salesperson stated they could do after such a large purchase you would think that the sales person would have adequate accurate information regarding the items she sold I want this problem rectified immediately this is not acceptable

  • Updated by Wildberries, Oct 08, 2019

    Do Not shop here things are over priced the sales people are not well aware of the items they are selling they give out inaccurate information regarding their stock they say anything just to make a quick sale they are a horrible company I spent 17, 000 on king size ajustable bed, accessories, matteres covers, pillows washer and dryer. The washer and dryer was purchased because of the sanitation options to be able 5o sanitize the bedding but it turns out the washer is not capable of doing what the corporate sales person stated they could do . I am very unhappy with there misinformation faulty sales persons advertising all so they could make a sale Do Not Shop at the Brick Buyer be warned

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