The Beer Storecustomer service

K Jul 13, 2019

July 12th at approximately 1:30 p.m. I entered the beer store on concession st. in Kingston Ontario to return some empties. When I picked up one of their plastic containers to put my empties in, there was a lot of fruit flies that came off it, and after putting my empties in the bin I approached the return counter where a female employee was standing, she didn't look or acknowledge me at all. I said "wow there was a lot of fruit flies down there", pointing to the beer store bins and after a few minutes of silence she said, "maybe you should rinse your bottles out so you don't get fruit flies", still not looking at me. I said "they didn't come from my returns, they came from your bins." (Please note that almost all me return containers were tetra packs with the screw lids on them and are in no need of rinsing). The employee said, "well then maybe we need to rinse our bins". Still no eye contact, she then practically threw my refund at me and walked away. You know there are a lot of pleasant people out of work who would probably appreciate her job. I don't understand why someone in her position remains there if they are that unhappy. It isn't nice to have someone change your mood by being so rude.

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