The Almonte Center For Facial Cosmetic Surgeryfacial plastic surgery

M Jul 06, 2019

I had procedures done here that left my eyes and face very harmed. I have had second opinions by other surgeons one being a world renowned surgeon in Beverly Hill's that I paid $700 to just confirm that I was aesthetically harmed by this procedure and too much skin was removed and sewn back at an an unnatural angle causing serious aesthetic issues. When I told Dr Almonte my concerns he said I was just going to have to learn to live with my new look. Not acceptable to me as my face looks distorted and under eyes harmed. I was told it would look natural this does not. Unfortunately for me the procedure was not good and I have to live with my face like this forever. Just be careful it is permanent and I am disfigured for life. I would give anything to have my old face back.

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