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To whom it may concern:
This letter is to complain about service we recently received from TGI Fridays at 1475 Western Ave, Albany, NY

We just had the worst experience at your TGI Friday’s location at 1475 Western Ave, Albany, NY, and we will not be back! We arrived today, 3/1/09, and were seated at 12:45pm. The waitress (never mentioned her name) took our drink order and our meal order (we both ordered the baby back ribs with the Jack Daniels glaze. After our waitress brought us our drinks, we never saw here again!
We watched three other tables near us get seated, receive their appetizers, and their meals. It's now 1:41pm. We asked to see a manger. Five minutes later, someone named 'Wayne' came over carrying our meals. At this point, we were so annoyed at the lack of service, we told Wayne we were leaving. He just walked away and walked over to the computer terminal. We never heard an "I'm sorry for the wait" or why the waitress disappeared and never came back - not even to get us drink refills or to let us know what was taking so long. This was not the 1st time we had a disappointing experience at this restaurant. We were also at this restaurant the previous Sunday at the same time. We wanted to sit in the upper bar area. The door people (the girls that are supposed to be greeters when they are not too busy taking amongst themselves) told us that there we no servers in that section yet (it was 1:00pm!), but we can sit at a table across from a family with screaming kids! We walked out and ate at the TGIFridays in Clifton Park, NY.

* TIP #1 – Take care of the customer or they will go somewhere else!

We are sick and tired of the inconsistent service we receive in this restaurant. We have been frequent, loyal diners in this restaurant for quite a few years - check our stripes card to verify.

We can drive five miles in any direction of this TGI Fridays and find every restaurant chain in the area. With horrible service we have been getting, WHY WOULD WE WANT TO COME BACK HERE???

After we walked out of this TGIFridays, we drove 1/2 mile to the 99 restaurant on Western Ave, and received excellent service! (See enclosed receipt). We observed their manager walking around, interacting with the customers - something that we don't see much of in this TGI Fridays anymore. Don't bother sending us coupons to tell us how sorry you are... we won't be back!
You need to take a long, hard look at your management in this restaurant.
You can title this customer comment "How to lose a loyal customer's business."

We expected a much higher level of service from your restaurant, and we are quite disappointed. We will not be spending any more time or money at your restaurant. We will also be informing our friends and family about this experience.


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    RebeccaJ Apr 08, 2011
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    "told us that there we no servers in that section yet (it was 1:00pm!)"

    Did you want to sit somewhere where no one was able to help you? Not all the severs come in at once. If you have ten servers come in at noon, and there are only 5 tables...then what? The others are wasting their time and the company is paying them for doing nothing. The arrival times of servers are always staggered. I don't understand why this is such a hard concept to follow. If a server is serving in one area of the restaurant and you want to sit at the opposite area, it might be hard to give you the best customer service possible because she's going to be running all over the place. They did that for your own sake, geez.

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