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The hood has two ways of functioning, extraction, which supposedly sends the fumes to the outside, and recirculation, which provided you install some carbon filters(not included) sends the extracted fumes once filtered back into the kitchen. Amazingly enough, when in extracting position, part of the fumes are sent back into the kitchen, i.e. there's no such thing as extraction proper. I obviously thought the hood was faulty so I called a technician from Teka. He came an said that this is how it supposed to be. The design is so made. I have also spoken to Customer Service and they have kindly confirmed that the "thing" is so built and hence it is not faulty.
I really cannot imagine what kind of useless engineering has been used to design and buil this appliance. Now I'm stuck with it (since it is not faulty according to Teka, I cannot give it back) and despite having an exhaust to the outside properly fitted in my kitchen, I'll have to buy and install carbon filters in order not to have my house and furniture full of disgusting fumes.
Be smarter than me and DON'T BUY THIS KITCHEN HOOD.
Thank you.

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