TD Ameritradepersonal investment consultant

Ro Oct 06, 2019

I don't know if this is a typical business dealing at your company, but your employee Sanjaya Krishna Balu is a disgusting human being. He has hit on my wife now several times. I wrote a letter to your corporate Humana Resources Department but they obviously don't care. The last time they had contact he told her if she want to hook up and smoke pot he would give me some good tips. This time, i guess he went to Miami this past weekend, supposedly for business and asked her if she wanted to go. He explained to her that she would be able to come home because he would give her adderall to stay up. He also told her once he gets back he wanted to meet and smoke pot again and do bars, whatever drug that is. I know this sounds bizarre, but I'm having enough problems with my marriage and don't need someone promising to give us tips for sex with my wife. If he wants her that badly tell him to pack her stuff and move in with him or leave us alone. If he contacts her again I will put this all over social media.

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