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Opened account on 2/27/09 Received checks 4 business days later. 10 business days later I recieved debit card. Could not activate debit card due to PIN being different from what I originally entered when I opened account. I went to branch on 3/17/09 to correct problem. Employees stumbled around for a few minutes and then finally handed the card back to me and said another PIN would be mailed to me within 2 to 3 business days. Today is 3/24/09 and still waiting for PIN. I also discovered that the PIN was actually not requested from the branch until 3-19-09, two days after I requested the PIN myself. I am almost one month out from opening account and still unable to use it. They told me I could deposit money but that I would just have to get cash from a teller until the debit card situation is corrected. I'm a little concerned about doing that given their antiquated business practices. I spoke to a customer service rep on 3/24/09 on the 1-800 line to try to resolve the issue but she was no help (Sharonda Ex 4509) I asked to speak to a supervisor. She would not talk to me. I did get her name, Izzy Ex: 4063. This banks business practices are from 1985. They should really explore advances in handling customer service issues in a more timely fashion.

Any other bank would be able to fix the PIN issue at a branch. TCF branch employees are like Keystone cops bumping into each other and stumbling answers because they have not been trained properly. The worst part it is their "supervisors" who act that way. I cant imagine how a regular associate behaves. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK!!!


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    tcfbanksux Apr 07, 2009

    Same thing has happened to me ..I live in Phoenix and bank at the one in Chandler..They have ordered me 7 pin numbers and 3 debit has been 2 1/2 months since i opened the account...they blame it on the head office instead of their own stupidity...its like when you goto a mom and pop shop and there is a bunch of 15 year olds running the store...they have no idea what to do in situations..they have little to no training..I bet if you just call the branch and say you are from corp. and need to verify some info you could prob get some private bank info from one of the idiots that answer the fact i was tempted to call and pretend to be from corpo and tell them to give me 4 50.00 gift cards cause of all the problems i might just work...they hire anyone that turns an application in and they don't train them on how to act around customers...they talk all ghetto when they are talking about your money like they are running a dice game or somthing..its sad...

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  • Xx
    XX- Jun 23, 2009

    in regards to the comment. Do you have any idea that if you woul've place that call in how much trouble you would've gotten in to? ... that's all have to say

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