Target National Bank / Target Visaovercharge of $1,000.00


We have been loyal Target customers for years. We have always paid our balances on time. Recently, my wife sent a $350.00 check for a Target Visa Credit Card payment to bring our credit card balance down to zero from school supply purchases. Someone at Target National Bank did an electronic transfer of $1, 350.00 - an ERROR OF $1, 000.00 that overdrew our bank account. My wife has unsuccessfully spent a month on the phone with TARGET NATIONAL BANK customer service to try to get the $1, 000.00 back - from the MISTAKE MADE BY TARGET NATIONAL BANK. Meanwhile, our bank has penalized us for being overdrawn, and because of the MISSING $1, 000.00, we have been forced to pay our children's tuition payments and bill payments by dipping into our home equity credit and monthly mortgage savings. Customer service acknowledges the error because the check clearly shows only $350 and our Target account now has a $1, 000.00 credit, which they will not give us back in cash. PLEASE CUT UP YOUR TARGET CREDIT CARDS AND DO NOT USE THEM - THIS COULD BE YOU NEXT!


  • Jm
    JMDUNLAP Mar 20, 2009

    target national bank is one of the biggest rip off cards out there after charging me $40.00 foor a late payment charge on a $ 50 .00 payment that was due on a holiday weekend, and i am on disability only and can barely manage my debts.and paments after calliung them they removed the late charge and still requested the min. payment as 40.00 higher than scheduled payment they added another $40.00 late fee on the canceled late fee that they supposedly removed from the first one so i informed target that i will pay the charges including all the late charges but i want the account closed to any further charges or use and destroyed all of the cards and vowed never to shop in another target store aqnd my spouse and the rest of my family also refuse to shop in any target store and any relatives or friends also agree not to support the stupidity of target employees tthat aparently cant find their A' s or ### with both hands tied behind their back. i can only hope that target goes down the tubes like others that are only out to stick it to the consumer .!

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  • Na
    Nataliya Sep 30, 2009

    I agree, Target National Bank is a biggest rip off card I've ever seen

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  • Na
    Nataliya Sep 30, 2009

    I am not going to Target store ever again. I have a WalMart across the street with better prices and much better customer service.

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  • Ba
    Basic_ID Oct 05, 2009

    You have a late fee? That is normal on all credit cards if you don't pay it on time than your going to get charged period. Target National Bank is not your babysitter GROW UP.

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  • Lo
    Lottie Hope Nov 01, 2009

    I agree. Target National Bank is a Rip off. Let me tell you my story. In July I made my card paymen at the Target store in High Point NC. I made this payment two weeks before it was due. I made the payment using a different checking account. My payment was $83.31. When I received my statement for August it was $243 minimum payment due. I called Target to find out why my payment went from $83.31 TO $243. I WAS TOLD THE CHECK FOR 83.31 WAS RETURNED FOR INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. This resulted in $39.00 for returned check and $39.00 late fee. I called my bank and was told I had more than enough money in my account to cover the check also the check # had not been recorded. I called Target back with my banker on the line. He stated the check had never been presented to the bank I was told many lies about this check. I asked for the return check to be sent to me. First I was told the check couldn't be found, the check had been shredded and so on. After being told many lies I was told to pay $160.00 to clear this matter. I paid this amunt in August. In September I received a statement for $204.00, which I paid to avoid late charges of $39.00 each time. After speaking to many representives at Target and getting no where I contacted Comsumer Protection to help me with this matter. On October 28 I received a letter from Target stating they had removed all late charges and fees., also a copy of the check which mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. I called Target again because I wanted an explanation for all of this. Did I get one after all these months extra payments and the frustration I've gone through. NO. As of today I have payed off this account. I will never shop at Target again and I've told family and friends to do like wise. The kicker is they wanted to give me a Target gift card. Thanks but no thanks.TARGET NATIONAL BANK IS OUT TO RIP OFF PEOPLE SO BEWARE PEOPLE.

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  • Ko
    kollaa Dec 05, 2009

    Try this, I make a card payment over the phone and they screw it up. When it was caught, instead of dry dating the check to the original date, they send it to the credit reporting bureau as late (the date their error was caught) then charge me fines which exceeds my limit. Their errors cause my credit to go down because it now appears the check was late and now I am overdrawn.
    I am in the middle of purchasing a house and this mark shows up and the mortgage company said if I clear their mistake all will be well. I call and call Target to send a fax to the mortgage company explaining their mishandling of it and Target keeps saying they did and no fax shows up and then we tried other faxes and nothing shows up and they swear up and down the faxes were sent to three different places. So, the contract expired and we lost the bid and we had to settle for paying higher elsewhere. I ask them to mail the statement and it shows up after the fact. I called a supervisor and they said the faxes were never sent because they never contacted the credit bureau even though they knew the importance of this fax.
    I wrote the VP in charge of this department and some underling from Target Bank writes back and omits part of what happens but says in so many words, 'Yes, this happened, so what? We can do as we please without concern toward the impact on you because we are Targets and you have to accept it.' Such hubris.
    with what is written on this board and elsewhere, I would have to assume if they do not change their ways, they will be on the same list as Montgomery Wards, which is possible since they seem quite clueless or maybe just really are too big for their britches.

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  • Cu

    Do not get a Target visa card!!! I just received my bill today on my Target visa card. The interest rate was 11 percent now it has gone up to over 20 percent. This is how they treat their loyal customers!!! Always paid on time and never a late payment. What a scam!

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  • Dr
    Dr. Michael Prado Apr 07, 2010

    Target VISA is nothing more than a scam. We had saved for a vacation to Costa Rica. We were scheduled to leave on April 11, 2010. My wife had pre paid money into our Target VISA to the tune of 4500.00. Now VISA tells us that they have "Frozen" our card and we may not use it for 15 days because we sent them "Too much money".

    As soon as we receive our funds back, we will drop VISA target like a bad habit. We are going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and I will be suing Target VISA.

    We will never shop TArget again nor will we bother with their "Crooked" credit card scams.

    Dr. Michael Prado

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  • Wo
    wooda May 16, 2010

    Let Targets CEO know how you feel

    [email protected]
    fax: 612-696-6325

    Denise May
    [email protected]

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  • Io
    Iowa Mother Mar 20, 2011

    I used a target Visa for a $600 cash advance in 2003. I paid the balance to zero during Dec of that year. I then used the card to buy some Christmas presents. They continued to charge me the $35/mo finance fee for the borrowed $600 that had been paid to zero.

    Their explanation? Cash advances are last out. Okay, I said, but I paid it to zero! Response: This was within the same billing cycle that you later used the card. Thus, you continue to owe us this extra $35/mo fee until you pay it to zero again (and never use it again, apparently). In the meantime, these 'fees' were sometimes added to the principle.

    At the time, I was quite poor, and it took me several years to pay down to zero. I'm sure it approached $1000 in false fees before it was all over. I cut up the card.

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  • Re
    Regina Benton Fales Jul 18, 2015

    My story is a little different. I had a target store card that was charged off due to marital debt. I recently have tried contacting target and all I seem to get are people who I can barely understand say to me ma'am we do not have you in our system this was with two attempts to try and resolve the debt. I again disputed the bill as target said I was no longer financially responsible for the debt since I was no longer in the system. I received my updated dispute form from experian this morning that stated my Target card had been updated and not removed. I again try reaching target and I got the same response again. Ma'am I am sorry we do not have the SS# in our system. I conferenced called target with experian and the credit bureau stated they handle all the disputes electronically and Target continues to say I am financially responsible . Okay if I am responsible then why doesn't Target have me in the system. I am willing to pay the debt since I originally had the card however I can not pay something that the company is saying I don't owe but the credit bureau states I do owe. HELP!!!

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