TapJoytapjoy scammed my time so lords mobile can keep high rank in playstore

L Sep 06, 2018 Review updated:

I have completed two offer of Tapjoy provided by Lords Mobile.My game, Dead Trigger 2, still did not receive any reward even though i completed both offer for about 7 days.And the worse, both offers have disappeared from my reward status in Dead Trigger 2, which most likely they tried to scam me that i have conpleted my offer without giving me my rewards.Many people have fell into this type of scam, meanwhile i dont know why Tapjoy hasnt being banned in Android, because IOS already banned Tapjoy a long time ago.I hope any worker from Tapjoy will take the resposibilities.

  • Updated by llLUCHSll · Sep 06, 2018

    I have completed two offers for Dead Trigger 2, two Lords Mobile offer so I can earn gold in DT2. Meanwhile, I have reached castle level 11 and character level 27, still until today I did not get my reward. And the worse, my pending offers in DT2's reward status have disappeared without reason. Is this actually a scam so Tapjoy can help Lords Mobile hit one of the best game in Playstore? Please treat yor customers with respect and trust.The company's name is Tapjoy.

  • Updated by llLUCHSll · Sep 07, 2018

    TapJoy is one of the worst company that lured many players to play a certain game, like Lords Mobile for a certain reward.Unfortunately, TapJoy scammed players without respect.We wasted our time so we can complete the offer, and they let the completed offer disappeared from our reward status in game, trying to fool us that we already finished our offer.The same thing happened to me as well.Two Lords Mobile offer to get gold in Dead Trigger 2, guess what?Wasted three days to completed both offers, no reward given until today.And the worse once more, both offers disappeared from my in game reward status(Dead Trigger 2)without reason, which meant they tried to destroy the proof without giving the reward i deserved.


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    Adavis31090 Sep 07, 2018

    The same thing happened to me. I completed the task for lords mobile and never recieved the reward. Lords mobile isn't posted on my not rewarded anymore.

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