TapJoyfalse advertising - fanduel promotion

N Sep 07, 2018

Tapjoy is a scam - pure and simple. I have been playing Jurassic World Alive for the last few months. To get free money in the game, you can take advantage of Tapjoy's offers for free money. This usually involves taking a survey, downloading a new app and playing to a certain level, etc.

About 75% of the time, Tapjoy did honor some of the completed offers - especially if it was automated or triggered based on reaching a level in an app. There were a few that I emailed about (with screenshots) that did not get rewarded on, but the amounts were so low I didn't bother following up.

But the recent Tapjoy / FanDuel promotion was a bridge to far for me. As part of the promotion, you were to sign-up for a new FanDuel account, deposit $10 and play your first game for the equivalent of 8, 000 JWA dollars (e.g. $50 USD). Did everything outlined in the offer - started new account, deposited $10 and played 5 games (not just 1). Lo and behold, I did not get rewarded and emailed Tapjoy customer service. Even with screenshots showing I completed every step of the offer, they refused to payout claiming I somehow did not have a new account (when I've never used FanDuel before). Despite multiple emails back and forth with a rep, they simply did not want to honor the deal. This is a scam pure and simple. As a result, I'm posting here (for others to be aware of) and also filing FTC and Better Business Bureau complaint.

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