Taco Cabanahorrible service and nasty food

S Jul 18, 2019

I'm not sure if it's just bad management or what but the service here was horrible!
During the lunch rush there was only ONE CASHIER working and she had no clue what she was doing. She had no idea how to work the register. She got my order wrong 3 times. I had to wait in line 3 separate times to get it corrected.
The food was horrible. It was cold. The food looked like it was just thrown on the plate.
Disgusting restrooms. Dirty toilets, dirty sinks with hair all in it. Very unsanitary. I feel like it's definitely a heath violation.
So disappointed with Taco Cabana. We won't be coming back unless they improve drastically.
I wanted to just get my money back and leave but I WAS NOT going to wait in the long line again.
So I ended up just leaving the food on the table and walked out.

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