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While taking your online "training class" for your company, I remember there being no classes on mental health. Your company does not understand mental health or accomodate people who have a disability. Sexual harassment also needs to be addressed more in your training classes. Maybe there should be an in-class session about sanitation too. Also, have a class on work bullying, favoritism, and discrimination. I have a feeling I am not the only person who was taken advantage of at your company. No accomodation for me because of my disability, no direct deposit set up, put in a health risk situation by cleaning bathroom ceilings and walls with a strong bleach spray. I also have asthma too

  • Updated by Francisco Negrete, Oct 08, 2019

    I also wanted to add that I suffered Trauma at Taco Bell due to lack of training on how to handle a violent customer who jumps over the counter and into the kitchen where the employees work. There is also no training on gun safety. I was for sure thinking that I was going to get shot or injured . There was no accomodation for the trauma that I experienced at work.

  • Updated by Francisco Negrete, Oct 09, 2019

    Taco Bell is ruining my quality of life by not setting up my direct deposit and handing me a check . I received my last check almost two weeks ago and I still have no access to it. What if I was a disabled person living on my own without a camera phone and no transportation to a place of where to cash a check? Where would I get help? Luckily I have my family at home to help me, but I was living alone then I would be totally screwed.

  • Updated by Francisco Negrete, Oct 10, 2019

    General Manager would leave the door the money safe wide open for hours and also leave the cash tray drawer full of money on the counter next to the griller where quesadillas are pressed and grilled which was strange and unsanitary. A person could have jumped over again and could have stolen money. This is another example of how unprofessional the General Manager is .

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