Taco Bellstaff and management

Ha Sep 30, 2019

This store is on my way home. I purposely avoid it, and drive out of my way. The staff is always busy entertaining each other rather than customers. Last night after a long day we decided we would just try this store again because it was raining. The sign said " store closing early at 8:00pm due to maintenance". It 7:15pm, the doors were locked, and several other customer where their as well. The person who came to the door was rude, and said " I don't care that it is 7:15pm, you need to do thru drive thru". It wasn't that they needed to close early, its attitude of the people who work there. I work in HR, so customer service is key. This store has not only made our order wrong so many times, now the staff has run us away for good. We went Tubby's. I think this store needs a serious over haul with management and staff.

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