Taco Bellfood

Ni Oct 03, 2019

I sat in the drive through for 20 minutes. I finally ordered my food, a regular chalupa supreme sub chicken from beef (two of them), and two beefy fritos burritos.

How they managed to give me (and charge me) for the BEEF CHEDDAR Chalupa (both of them) when the screen clearly confirmed my order by displaying "sub chk for beef" under the "REGULAR" chalupas.

They managed to get the wrong item, and the wrong meat when the order displayed on the screen was correct.

I NEVER write bad reviews on any establishment. Instead, I just end up not visiting that establishment again. However, this Taco Bell location specifically, messes up my order, regardless of what time or day I go CONSISTENTLY. That is the only thing this Taco Bell has shown me consistency in - the fact that they are always messing up orders. No one has time to go back in the line for another 20 minutes for a CHANCE they might get the order right.

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