Taco Bell / female employee at the drive thru pick up order window.

Dr Jul 11, 2019 Review updated:

I ordered 2 chulupas and a soda at the drive thru, and proceeded to the pick-up window. The female at the delivery window took my $10 bill, and handed me my order, as there were no napkins in the bag, I asked her for napkins. As she handed them to me she said: "You are snatching." I said what is SNATCHING and she walked away from the window. I said: " I was a school teacher - what does that mean - what is snatching - she remained away from the window, laughing and trying to involve her colleagues to make a scene." As I exited the lot, my companion holding the order informed me that the food was cold, so she went back into the store to return the food items to the manager. The manager was gracious, but the female employee at the pick up window then walked over to the counter to start a confrontation, the store manager told her, "Don't get in her face!" This female employee needs counseling before you have an incident with other customers.
The employee's behavior made no sense at all!
Dr. Coyle, Anna Maria Island, FL. 34217

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  • Di
      Jul 12, 2019

    snatch: to take hold of something suddenly and roughly:
    quickly seize (something) in a rude or eager way.

    It is you that is in the wrong. The fact that you do not know what snatching means shows that your parents did poor job of raising you. She does not need counselling. You need to be taught manners. It is a shame that you were a teacher and a role model(a poor one) to children.

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