Taco Bellemployee complaint

To whom this may concern I was in your store round 9 pm I over heard your manager telling one of your employees that he wasn't getting a [censored]ing break she don't give a [censored] what the Gm says I over heard the young man saying he had been on line since 5 pm this lady Is unprofessional to her employees and I thought it was very rude of her to be talking that way to her employees she told him if he clock out for a 30 minute break she was gone make sure he don't come back I think it was very unprofessional of her to tell the young man that if something don't be done about this manger I'm going to corporate on her I felt sorry for the young man it's something about this manger that doesn't sit well with me your employees deserve better treatment then that the way she talks to them something needs to be done about her behavior if this the type of assistant manger you choose to assist your employees then maybe you need to reconsider her being your assistant manger I didn't like it one bit how she talks to your employees it was rude and unprofessional I've never seen or heard such behavior like that I felt bad for the young man all he wanted to do was take a 30 minute break If her behavior don't change and I come back to your store I will be getting in touch with your corporate office what type of restaurant your running with a manger that's rude and unprofessional to her employees I just wanted to run this by you and hope to see something done about her she clearly doesn't care about her job caring on like this .

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