Taco Bellcustomer treatment

Ri Oct 11, 2019

I have been frequenting this store for many months but the weather has just gotten colder. I am 68 years old and when it's too cold my hands freeze up so that I really cannot use them, for awhile. I cannot even get into my pockets to pay for something as my fingers become so numb I cannot use them, till I warm them up. A hot cup of coffee works just fine. Well, I was in the store just awhile ago, and my hands did freeze so I asked for a cup of coffee (which I would pay for after my hands could function) Well everyone in the store (including the manager) thought this WAS SO FUNNY!!..Instead of helping me, they stood around smirking and giggling, like the funniest thing in the world was an elderly gentleman who cannot use his hands. The manager (who has never really been overly nice) just grinned at me and wanted money for coffee. I tried to explain that I could not get into my pockets at this point, but I guess it was SO FUNNY TO THEM they were unable to comprehend the dynamics of the situation. Luckily there is a "Murphy's" gas station right around the corner, so, struggling (while all the workers are still giggling) I packed up my stuff went to Murphy's, got hot coffee (the workers there know me, and are aware of my hand problem) and am now writing to complain about this VERY INHUMANE treatment I had to endure.

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