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Jg Oct 06, 2019

Sunday, October 6 at 7 pm
I went through the drive thru window and was given all my items in one bag, i had ordered a chalupa box but there were not boxes so everything was placed together in a bag along with the rest of my order. I was told to hold on there was 1 more item, then the guy came back to the window and told me everything was in the bag so i drove off. Once i got home i realized i was missing the chalupa from the chalupa box and a doritos loco taco. I called the taco bell i had bought the food from and spoke to a lady who once i explained that i was missing food tried to make it seem as if was lying by saying there was no "guy" at the drive thru. I said no not the person who took my order, the guy who took my card and gave me my food. She then asks when did this happen, i told her literally 15 mins ago. I told her i needed to come back for my food and she put someone else on the phone who i then had to explain the situation again. I was told to come back for the food but offered no apology whatsoever...i had to drive back to Taco Bell, come back home to eat cold food with no apology. I feel now that at the very least a refund is in order. The receipt has been attached...i also feel the on duty manager should be made aware of the situation, i wanted to call back and ask for here name but chose to email my complaint instead.

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