Taco Bellpathetic service and horrible employee

D Dec 11, 2019 Review updated:

I've been a loyal Taco Bell customer for almost 50 years. I eat at one of your locations weekly, even when I'm traveling.
I've never experienced anything as bad as what happened to me today.
I went to the unit at 12351 FM 1960 W. yesterday and decided to buy a gift card and the promotion was spend $25 get a free combo.
I told the manager Elvis Martinez that I didn't need a combo today cause I already placed a separate order and he told me I could redeem it on a future visit and wrote his name on the receipt. I went back today to redeem it and ordered some additional food.
The tortilla chicken strips were really nasty, they're actually greenish and had a horrible smell so I brought them to the front and told the manager on duty who said her name was Arrisa (large middle age Hispanic lady wearing a different shirt than the rest), that I was unhappy with the chicken and I wanted something else.
She loudly said in front of the restaurant, you already had your free meal what else do you expect?
I replied back that my free meal was result of buying the gift card and I wanted her name and I'm reporting her to corporate, and she replied I don't care, do whatever you wanna do.
I then said I wanted a refund for the tortilla chicken, but she continued to take orders from other customers and after they were all served, I finally got my refund. I'm sure you won't miss my business, but I'm going to blast you on social media and tell every person I ever encounter about my experience and I'll never go back.


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    TheManager Dec 11, 2019

    Lol. Blast away. You sound like you need the attention

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  • Um is not an answer! Dec 12, 2019

    How can you get a refund for free crap???

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  • SubSquirrel Dec 12, 2019

    Green chicken sounds like it had a sauce on it. If people don’t go there because of your childish rant, then they are sheep who can’t think for themselves.

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