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On Friday 2/7/2020 I had a very unpleasant experience at one of Taco-Bell location #021226, I walk in at 10:32 to order my lunch, the restaurant was slow it only had one customer eating at one table, I approached the menu and right away notice 4 employee standing and having a conversation, I thought they were in a meeting as no one greeted me when I walked in, I patiently waited as I still had to decide on what to order, after 3 to 4 minutes, I had decided on what to order and looked over to see if anyone could help me, one staff looked towards me, however did not address me and turn around and continued her conversation, at this point, im still thinking it had to be a staff meeting, as another 3 to 4 minutes passed by now being 8 minutes, I tried to get one of staffs attention for service, I then realize their conversation was more than personal and very unappropriated for a restaurant staff to have in the middle of a shift, so I finally called out for service, and one staff by the name Angelina came to cashier without giving an apology (which would have been the appropriate thing to do) and had a smile cheek to cheek and with a sarcastic laugh asked what I wanted to ordered, I then kindly told her I been standing over eight minutes waiting on services and at the very least someone should had greet me and asked to wait, she then said no one saw me, I shared how she herself made eye contact with me, she again gave a sarcastic low laugh with a smile and asked, "Are you going to order maam" I asked to talk to a manager, and she said she was the manager, I was very disappointment to learn she was overseeing a crew and lead by a bad example, and shared it with her, she again laugh and said, if my service is so bad then why you still ordering food, I was at disbelief with her comment, and I answered that I was there as a hungry paying customer, and that I was a customer at least 2/ 3 times a week as I work few doors away (Kern, BHRS over 100 employee, some whom eat there). Your employee Angelina gave me a terrible experience and humiliating me in front of her crew as her own crew had to asked her to let it go, I wanted to report this unappropriated customer service, I did not deserved to be treated the way Angelina treated me, and practically asked me to not order if I didn't like her customer service, people like Angelina should be not leaders, I shared my experience with a lot of coworkers as they are customers of Taco Bell as well, I cant speak for them, however as of me I will never eat at any of your locations again, I don't need to take my hard working money and business to people not managing their restaurant as a good healthy environment, as Angelina caused me not only a headache but also a unpleasant morning. This is my first time I had to ever make a complaint, in the past I have only used my time to give a good review, for good hard working employee to be recognized when they do a good customer service, it's so sad and time wasted on staff like Angelina.

2/7/2020 10:32 10AM
Order # 208256
Cashier : Angelina Taco-Bell # 021226
2433 N. Chester Ave, Bakersfield CA [protected]

Thank you for your time,
Ivonne Ramos [protected]


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