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Went to Supercuts @2:30 today on Olive Way and Denny in Seattle WA. There were only two people working (one cutting and one standing around with her finger up her ### doing nothing). Right away she snaps at me for my name, no "welcome" or " hello". She says it will be 20 minutes because the stylist would be taking a break after she finished with the customer she already had in her chair. Nice way to start! I say no problem and read a mag. She finishes her break @30 minutes later and looks at me and says in a snotty tone "Are you ready?" I say yes, (no, I've just been sitting here for the fun of it). I'm the only customer in the joint at this time.

She starts chopping at my hair and she keeps asking me how I want it. And stupid idiot questions like, "How high do you want the sides?" Huh? Don't you mean how short do i want the sides? ??? My hair is very easy to cut. It's short business style for a man. Shouldn't have to tell her how to cut it 10 times. She's also jabbing me and nicking my skin enough to bleed. I ask her to take it easy and maybe get sharper shears or oil it. The shears aren't cutting -it's pulling at the hairs. She doesnt' like this and calls the manager over to tell her of my complaints and wants to know if she should continue. She tells her to go ahead while she's giving me more attitude. At this point she's 3/4 of the way through the cut and stops and asks me how it looks. I ask her if she is done, she says she is. When I look in the mirror I see that it's not symmetrical. I tell her that it is obviously uneven on both sides and a crooked front. She says, "Well that's your opinion, sir". I tell her to fix it and do it correct. Now the manager overhears this and tells me to get out of the chair and leave. I tell her to finish and fix the unevenness and I'll be on my way. She says "NO, get out of my salon!" Then she proceeds to call the police. I get the franchisee owner's name and leave. Since when is it a [censored]ing crime to make a complaint for poor service?!!! What a couple of talking monkeys with scissors. I wouldn't let them groom a dog. I know it's only a $15 haircut, but what is wrong with you people???!!! I'm glad I didn't want a perm or coloring, I feel sorry for any female that does and lets them get their incompetent hands on their hair!!!


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      Apr 30, 2008
    SuperCuts - cheating children
    New York
    United States

    they said the haircuts would be 17.99 they charged them 38 dollars each for terrible haircuts. they are kids so they didnt know what to do so they gave them all their money i called to complain and they dtd nothing to resolve the matter do not send your kids here they will rip them off

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      Aug 20, 2008

    I took my 13 month old son to the Supercuts in Kansas City on North Oak last week for his very first haircut. My son if biracial and had very pretty big curls! I went in and from the beginning this woman had an attitude, I should have just left then. So we sit down and I have my son in my lap and I tell her I barely want anything taken off of the ends I just want it evened out. So she asks my what size guard I want to use, so me being a first time mom, never having had a boys hair cut before, tell her that I dont know how the guards work, I dont know what size to use, but that I barely want the ends taken off. So she pulls out the clippers and with the first bzzzzzzzzz I started to cry. She cut my baby's big curly hair all the way to the scalp, I started to cry and told her she was an idiot and that i told her I barely wanted any off. She was not apologetic and was very rude, she finished and he had patches and bald spots and it looked like he had mange! So I go to leave, in tears mind you, and she says that will be 10 dollars. I told her there was no way I was paying for this and I asked for a supervisors number or when one would be in. She said she had no number and there was no corporate number as well. The next day I call back and I get the same lady and she again refuses to give me a manager, so I find the corporate number and they offer me a giftcard! Then I finally get in touch with a manager and they ask me to come fill out a formal complaint because they had had complaints about her before and were trying to get her fired. They asked me to bring my son so they could see how she butchered it. So tomorrow I'm taking him in and taking in before pictures as well. I took him somewhere else to see if they could fix it and they evened it as much as could be done, but it seems I will have to have all his hair shaved.

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      Aug 24, 2009

    Brought my grandaughter to supercuts in Rocky Mount NC her first time she ever went to a salon>I am a hairdresser but I was sick so my daughter in law took her.The girl ripped her hair with a comb, my granddaughter was crying before she could take her out of that chair that girl just cut her hair that was down to her butt up to her shoulders with one cut and the other end of her scissor cut the other side to a point going down.All with one cut no guides lines where made and then said I can not do this becuase she is crying. Wouldn't any normal child be crying what a night mare of course her haircut was not finished and I had to fix it at home her hair is up to her shoulders and my grandaughter is modified.

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      Oct 26, 2009

    At least you didn't get checked for lice right when you sat down. First of all, I was left waiting forever before I was greeted and then I was skipped. Oh well, there were other girls in there who could cut my hair I thought. But they just stood around. Anyway finally someone decided to step up and she asked if I wanted my hair washed. I said No because I had just washed my hair a few hours prior and my hair had been blow dried straight. So she kinda gave me a dirty look, and I thought to myself maybe she's just really ugly no reason to give her a hard time. So I sit down. The hairdresser didn't tell me what she was doing right away .. . so I asked why she was picking at my hair. She was combing it strange and lifting layers and peering underneath. She replies " Oh I'm just looking" . I said, getting aggrivated, "looking for what?" She said "Oh I always do this." So I'm near shout "YOU ALWAYS DO WHAT?" She says "Oh it's required by the state that we not cut customers hair who have lice". I wanted to leave right then but if I did I knew my husband would be pissy at the next place. So I went along with it... I asked if she did this on all of her costumers and she said yes. What a liar. I've never had my hair checked for lice at a salon and I was appaulled thoroughly. I think she was mad because I wasn't inclined to pay for a wash and style when I didn't need it. So, she was getting her revenge. I did tell my husband about it because he was wondering why I glared through the entire cut and he was more understanding than I though. He would've prefered us go somewhere else anyway. He said the place was trashy. I waited around after she was done to see if she checked the next customers hair and she didn't. I wanted to confront her right there about it just walk back there and ask why she didn't check this one for lice but instead I just laughed and walked out... Eh, If you for some reason are reading this you've probably made the deduction that I'm just dirty or nasty and that's why I experienced such maltreatment. Or you might think that I'm overreacting. You weren't there and these couple of paragraphs don't give justice to the extent of the hairdressers horrible behavior. Quite the contrary. I'm a little more than OCD about hygeine and my hair was perfect looking when I went in.. . I just wanted shorter hair. Also, another complaint, I asked for 3 inches to be hacked off and to be a little lower than my shoulders. She cut about 6 off and my hair and still 2 months later it doesn't touch my shoulders. What a Witch... with a B.

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      Jun 08, 2010

    They barked at me for my name, refused to do the cut I wanted (because it would "look stupid, why don't you just do what I have?"), and then the manager came up when she was blow-drying my hair and said "Oh no, you're not blow-drying that customer's hair. You don't have the time for that." And with that, I was sent up to pay, with the wrong haircut and wet hair. This was my first time at Greatcuts, and I haven't been back since. I just cut my own hair these days, it seems like people either want you to pay $55 for a damn trim or you go into a place like this, where haircuts are $15, and you get service that's worse than crap.

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      Aug 16, 2012

    my hair needs to be done & i told my mom to go to salon 427 & she said it was to expensive so she said lets go to supercuts. i need a huge haircut because my hair is down to my but & i want it alittle below my shoulders. i also want it died. do you think id be better off spending like 150 at a great place or do you think i could get the same result spending like 70 ?

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      May 24, 2013

    If they kids had a shampoo and/or style that's what the extra charge was for. Your kids learned a valuable lesson that day. Nothing is free. Supercuts did you a favor.

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      Nov 09, 2013

    Just had my first and last bad experience at Supercuts here in Victorville, California at the Dunia Plaza. Unbelievable, I never thought that this would happen to me. I specifically showed the stylist, two pictures of the style I wanted in addition to this giant 2 foot by 4 foot poster board with the same style. Her comments were "oh, no problem" Little did I now how much of a problem this was going to be. The style i was asking for is a common style as shown in the photograph which I have been getting for the past 5 years at various places. I figured all was ok, since I practiced drive thru communication, meaning a very specific set of instruction, similar to when order your food at the drive thru... "I want no onions, and no pickles" and they repeat, "ok, so you want a cheese burger with no onion and no pickles is that correct" and I confirm and wala my order is done!
    Before the stylist began to cut she asked me what size guard on the clippers to use? I answered "I do not know but can you gauge by the pictures and poster board i showed you, or better yet can you ask your co-workers if your not sure". She replied and said, Ok, I know. So whats the verdict? Well lets just say that what I ended up with was a buzz cut as if I had just entered boot camp! No kidding the length of the sides of my head were no more than 7mm, no joke I measured. What upset me the most is how she tried to play off by saying that i looked just like the poster board. I gathered all the stylist and other guest to tell me if it looked like the poster board and thankfully people were honest and said my cut was far from it! To say the least, did not pay for what i did not ask for. Now all i can do is allow time to cover the mistake. One thing for sure, I will never go to a Supercuts again! From reading all these posts, I am convinced that Supercuts hires people without the proper job analysis that do not support the company's strategic goals. In order to grow and an maintain your business, you must employ the right people with the right skills. Without the proper job analysis you end up with my situation! A very dissatisfied customer that will seek services else where.

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      Jul 30, 2014

    I just got butchered at the Super cuts in Buffalo NY on Elmwood Avenue. I went in with a picture of a classic Louise Brooks bob. My hair was a little past my chin when I sat down, everything started well- I was almost finished. I mentioned that the bottom right side of my hair was a bit bulkier than the left, so I asked if she could please take a little bulk off the bottom so that it would match the left. She said she could point cut it- then she starts hacking into the right side.Cut a front chunk of long hair in half, so that it fell right beneath my eye, then hacked the length, made the right side pieces all wispy. It looks like I have 2 different haircuts, . I finally said " Stop Cutting" she was just going to keep going.She said she could cut the left to match the right. I was like "NO"I don't remember saying that I wanted some wispy choppy thing, as the picture was right there in front of her. She made a point of showing me the back of my hair and how good it looked. I saw the right side of my hair and said " What Happened?" a couple times, as I saw where I had lost a chunk of hair- she said, that side just needs to grow in a bit so it will blend...???HORRIBLE. I should have known better than to go there, now I have a jacked up haircut, and the girl was oblivious to the damage she had done.There were 2 kid's in there waiting for their mom, and they were saying how much they liked my hair- and I'm thinking these kids must be high- because my hair is trashed.All in the last 2 minutes of the cut. If you have something specific in mind, tread carefully. It is your hair. Think twice before you entrust it to these butchers. Absolutely horrendous, I don't know what I was thinking. This was about 2 days ago, and am really thinking I should call the manager, if for nothing else than the principal of the thing, as I don't want anyone there FIXING my hair.

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      Sep 09, 2014

    Well, the experiences people are explaining here are horrible and I've never seen anyone act so unprofessional. In fact, it's almost a little hard to believe. I worked for a sister company and if we ever did something like that (talked to our customer in that way) we would be fired on the spot. Though i must say you (the original poster) sound uptight and irritated even before the haircut was not to your liking, honestly, who cares if she asks you to remind her what you like where. I've asked at the beginning and then again about each area of the head just to make sure Im Giving the client what they wanted. Would you rather she not say anything and wing it? Haircuts are not as easy as you think and require precision. focusing on one area of a time can help and you have to remember that girl could have done 15 other people today. Your not her regular and after working long hours for days on end bob becomes rick who becomes billy you are bob you dont want what billy asked for on top for example maybe he likes the front a little longer and you Don't. It's better to just ask. In addition, when she said how high since you were a man I'm assuming you had some type of clipper cut with scissors. My most common guy hair cut is #2 on the sides finger length on top. With a cut like that how high means how far up do you want them to go with the clipper cut to go before using scissors, not how short. That shouldn't have been something to be upset about. However, as far as the haircuts go, what people need to understand is that working at a place like supercuts the reason a haircut is cheap is that these are poorly paid people who usually just got out of school (not all and I was an exception) but in school you don't learn every cut possible someone could want especially as times and styles change rapidly. They offer classes from time to time and it definitely helps but again it couldn't possibly teach you everything. You as the person in the chair might be her first time doing the cut And that's something everyone needs to understand, and again that's why you pay 15 bucks for a haircut. One way to get a better haircut is to not go in with a specific idea.ok maybe you like your hair long or maybe short but you could try asking what the stylist recommends. It works almost like a polite way of saying what do you think will look good that you are comfortable cutting. This because it's extremely likely that the stylist will recommend something they have done several times and is comfortable with. If you give them room to play they probably won't do something they're scared to try on you. They will do it on a head first later. One great way to get a bad hair cut is to make a stylist do something they really recommend against there are two usual reasons they recommend against it to come to mind to me. 1st it's simply not possible for example getting a color and going from black to bleach blonde without frying your hair off, or 2nd the stylist is uncomfortable doing it.

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      Mar 04, 2018

    I am a Caucasian male. On 03MAR2018, I went to my normal Supercuts to get a haircut, on Southside Blvd. in Jacksonville, Florida. Normally? To be perfectly honest, it's hard to find anywhere in Jacksonville, Florida where someone can rely on a good hair cut. I used to go to one place, but over half the time all they did was give me a glorified buzz cut regardless of what I asked for. I have been to over twenty different hair establishments in Jacksonville, Florida and it seems to be like a stupid epidemic down here, and they all fail in this same pathetic way, as if they cannot understand English, over half the time they all give a bad hair cut deliberately. But this Supercuts does better than most of the establishments I have been in on average which is why I usually go there nowadays.

    Today was going to be special, as well. I was going to get my hair colored ash, which is more of a naturally looking brunette. I tell the stylist how I want my hair cut...basically a trim, same style. I prefer to keep the hair off my ears. I usually like stylist to start a line about a 1/4" above my ears, and to carry that line all the way around. Below that line, the stylist may use clippers if desired by the stylist, somewhere between a 2 and a 3, perhaps even a 4. From there, the stylist should be left with a bowl of hair above the line. From then on out, use nothing but scissors. Trim what I have, take about a 1/4" off my bangs. Then texture (not blend) the lower portion that had been clipped and the upper portion which had been scissor, using scissors, to where there is a marginal line left going around the head, while leaving good length around the calic for parting purposes.

    What does the stylist do? The first thing she does is run some clippers all the way up the back of my head! Do I really need to spell out the rest of this torture? She did the opposite of what I asked. She left hardly any length around my calic, and used clippers for most of my hair, pulling my hair back as if that was the style I wanted. Please note it will take at least 6 weeks to grow my hair out enough so I can even part it again. It's a good thing I was getting it colored because it is the only thing that saved this wreck. One of the ladies who had cut my hair before was cutting the hair of a lady next to us, and when she heard the clippers run all the way up my head, she tensed up quite a bit. This damn stylist deliberately screwed my hair up, and then she didn't even clean up the hair around my ears. I was at home with tweezers for a half hour, plucking out hair from my ear crevice. This was perhaps one of the worst haircuts I have ever received considering how much information I relayed beforehand. Then she said, to top it off, "Next time, you should ask for nothing but scissors". At least the color job was okay, but still sub par. That was $48 wasted.

    I was all smiles. Seriously, what could I do? Any scene would have brought the police.. You say, but its only a hair cut? This is so screwed up I will have to get my hair recolored in 6 weeks when I get a corrective hair cut somewhere else, when I usually wait 4 months to color because it's so damn expensive. You say, but why? You have to keep in mind this lady clipped the hair around my sides and back all the way down to a 2. It will look ridiculous in 6 weeks, but I have to let my hair grow out. So yeah, I did waste $48. I can only hope that lady gets what is coming to her in the most unpleasant way possible and not too soon. She deliberately screwed me out of $48, but it's not just the money. It's the fact that she deliberately did the worst she could possibly do. She wasted 6 weeks of my life, perhaps longer and probably got a perverse feeling out of knowing that her incompetent hair cut would do just that. So I want more than $48, and I want more than just her job.

    I may go back there to get my hair colored because they are a little reasonable in price compared to some places, but I am done getting my hair cut at Supercuts completely. I had gotten a couple of half bad haircuts there before, but this was the worst experience I have ever had there.

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