Super8customer service, motel quality

R Jul 01, 2019

This is no doubt the worst hotel I ever lived at. The receptionist looked like he did not want to work there and absolutely did not smile or direct us to where we should go at all. We had to ask and he seemed annoyed that we asked.
I booked non-smoking and the guy gave us a smoking room. We asked him about it and all he said was that the other non-smoking rooms were full and offered no apology or alternate solution whatever.
The elevator smelled like leaving a wet towel for a week in a hot car - It smelled so gross. A guy smoked in the elevator too and he quickly destroyed the cigarette when he saw us right in the elevator, which would easily cause fire!
The beds were full of bed bugs and it even was caught my friend's leg! The bathroom and the sink were also full of bugs. The room looked like no one cared to clean at all - very dirty and uncomfortable to live in.
We stayed for two nights yet the hotel card did not work the second night. The receptionist also offered no apology or justification for this.
Overall, it was a very awful experience for us who tried to enjoy a road trip. Super8 at this place deserved to be close down. I felt so betrayed and cheated from this whole staying situation.

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