Super 8 Worldwidebad rooms and service

J Jul 25, 2019

We decided to stay here as the year before we had stayed and had no problems. We checked in on July 10 and that same night my sister started to complain about how the room looked and felt. She said she had seen bugs, but I didn't. Her bed was completely sunken in the middle. She had asked the Manager to switch us to another room but that room was even worse. It was late and we had just drove 15 hours from Atlanta, so we stayed. I had a migraine and I went straight to sleep, so I really didn't notice anything. The next day though is when I noticed the bugs actually coming out of the bathroom faucet. We had to leave and My sister told the manager to have someone clean up and give us new sheets. When we came back nothings was done. She called the manager and said that shower needed to be cleaned. The manager said that it was late and that her onsite cleaning people were already asleep. My sister asked for cleaning supplies, but the rags that the manager brought actually had bugs on them also. My sister had to go out and purchase cleaning supplies to clean the bathtub and sink. She also had to get bug spray for the room. My sister was told someone that works there that the room should have never been rented out and should have been placed out of commission. Come to find out they have gone through multiple manager and staff.
My dad and my son were in another room and didn't seem to have a problem until the day we checked out. I noticed bumps all over my son's body. He had been bitten all over. I took photos of everything. My dad was going to stay longer in town so we were going to extend his stay. I went to use the bathroom in his room and right before I sat down I saw something on the wall moving. I looked closely and it was a bug. Looked like a tick or something. I took a video and photo of it. We checked him out that day as well. We didn't say anything to the manager because she truly didn't care and was going to put us in a room worse than the first one, so obviously didn't matter telling her. They were doing renovations last year but doesn't appear as if anything has been done. In fact it looked worse than last year.

bad rooms and service
bad rooms and service
bad rooms and service

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