Super 8 Wilmington NC 28403mold and mildew in room not told before paying / allergic to mold/ refund

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James & Pam Miller
11410 W Jennie St
Wichita Kansas 67212
June 2, 2019
To: Pete Patel;General Manager
I recently had an extremely upsetting and very costly experience with your Super 8 at 3604 Market St Wilmington NC 28403 regarding my rooms. I request some sort of refund from Super 8 for my extremely unsafe, Bio Hazard, bad rooms. We stayed from Thursday 05/23/2019 to Monday 05/27/2019 with a cost of $610.12 We could not find any other motels available everyone was booked up.
On May 23, 2019, I called in the morning to see if you had an extra double room available so my partner and I could come to Wilmington a day early and was told yes you had a room. The lady hesitated to say yes at first but never the less she said yes. My partner and I drove to Wilmington and when we arrived we were given a room I believe 109. This room smelled so bad I lost my breath; I looked around and seen there was MOLD all threw the bathroom. There was little fly's flying around also. I have many pictures to show you, I will attach a few. I am allergic to mold so I went directly to the front desk to let them know what the room was like. The lady and gentleman told me you all had some rain and it must of leaked and when I pushed forward to say I am on the bottom floor with a floor above me so rain did don't do this. They acted like this was no big deal and until I told them I could not stay in this room. They said an OSHA crew came in a sprayed and fixed this issue and all should be ok for me to stay in the room. OSHA would NOT accept anyone to stay in that room. They offered me a king size bed and I explained no I don't want to sleep in the same bed as my man friend. If I would have known this I would not have come down a day early. I went out and bought some damp rid, order spray, and floor powder to help with the smell. I closed the bathroom door and never opened it. The next morning we took our luggage and left till the end of the day, the lady at the desk said she would have a different room for us then. We arrived back late that evening and the young man had our new key and I explained what had happened and he was shocked they let us take that room. He also gave me your card to let you know what happened. I told him that I should have not had to pay for that room. I wanted them all to go see the room and what I was talking about, they said no and it couldn't be that bad.
We went to our new room and it smelled just as musty and moldy, again I looked around and took pictures and it was dirty and some mold. Again we didn't stay there much we left early and came back late as not to smell the smell. I had to even buy a mask to breath and sleep. We did check other places to stay but everything was booked up. I am home now with tightness in my chest and hard to breath all because of your Super8.
I truly wish you all would have told us about the smell and MOLD, I am allergic to mold and do have breathing problems. I did stress this to the lady and gentleman at the window when we first arrived. I am looking for a fair refund from you all. You would not like to stay at a place like this if you were on vacation. Attach is a few pictures, These room were dirty someone is NOT doing their job. Please respond to me or you may call. If I don't hear from you I will take the next step in a process
James and Pam Miller
Email: [protected]
hotel id 03238
account number [protected]
confirmation #86106EC012253

Super 8 Wilmington NC 28403
Super 8 Wilmington NC 28403
Super 8 Wilmington NC 28403
Super 8 Wilmington NC 28403
Super 8 Wilmington NC 28403


  •   Jun 02, 2019

    I'm allergic to many things:. With dust and cockroaches being the most dangerous to me. These things I just cannot escape in this world. There is dust and cockroaches. Cockroaches survived whatever killed the dinosaurs.

    Mold... Hon... You were staying at a Super 8. I mean, yeah, mold might happen. Mold is everywhere. The pics really don't show mold. The foam was the ceiling, right? Yeah, that's spray foam who was probably paid per room instead of hourly. Again, super 8.

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