Super 8motel policies & rules, privacy policy


Attn: Super 8/complaints department
Confirmation No.: [protected]; Acct. No.: [protected]; under my name Serena Hernandez, I'm staying at Super 8 located
#308- 2863 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, Ca 91107, I've been here since May, 01, 2013, Super 8 Policies & Rules, Privacy & Security of visitors my privacy: resulted in a information collected, restored automatically, operates system ongoing terms and patterns in problem areas, with which they have been entrusted. In short public corruption is the misuse of public power for personal gain. I'm requesting repayment, expect no cash, but refinancing, for principal amount, for violating Super 8 privacy policy Super 8 Motel accommodation in Fernie, Motel Pilicies & Rules, owner operated regulations.

motel policies & rules, privacy policy

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