Super 8 Motelmaint. not kept up & filthy


1. ) smoking/non smoking rms - smell like smoke. Air cleanner machine is not ran in rms. Daily.
2. ) furnisher - full of dust. Filthy behind dressers.
3. ) lobby bathrm - not cleanned daily.
4. ) cleanners - not all labbeled.
5. ) bedding (S/o's) - not changged very often.
6. ) linins - stainned badly, rips, & burns.
7. ) a/c heater unit - missing several screws (Covers fall off).
8. ) carpets - not cleanned often (And they allow pets!)
9. ) window screens - some are not placed in windows right.
10. ) maintance - not kept up! Won't replace broken items. (Rigged up w/ducktape, super glue, puddy ect.. ) *sweepers, toilet seats, holes in walls.
Sink stoppers won't release properly. Hard water all over shower sprayers.
Vaccum sweepers have wires hangging out of them, sweepers brushes don't spin.
Broom on housekeepers cart has hardly any bristles.
Mental abuse - (Bonnie pattel - owner's wife) every day she will get up in one of the housekeepersyour face & yell @ them, because she says they take to long to clean. Very rude! She will yell @ you right in front of a guest! No breaks.. Or she will flip out on you! They need to be investigated!!! She's just as rude to guest!
***what do I need to do to put this @ a stop?! Please help!

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