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My Family and I booked 2 rooms and 2 nights online at the Super 8 hotel in Wahpeton ND. When I booked these rooms through Expedia and Hotel the pictures I was shown online for this Super 8 Hotel were very nice and clean. but when we arrived we quickly learned that the pictures we were shown were online were not of the hotel shown and the expedia and the hotels website are definatelly wrong. We realized very quickly this hotel was the local ###-roach motel just by the outside of the building but when we went inside it was even more worse then you could ever think. HERE IS A LIST OF ISSUES AND BAD CONDITIONS:
The outside of the hotel was nasty it looked as though people lived in this hotel not stayed there as a guest. there was broken furniture outside of the building in plain sight, the sidewalk going into the hotel was all busted into pieces with ankle breaking holes, the parking lot light poles were gone only the cement round piece sticking out of the ground remained, as we sat outside waiting for our room to be ready we watched a 5 year old boy with no shoes on dragging a full big black garbage bags to the dumpster and minutes later another little boy with no shoes on came out dragging another big garbage bag across the parking lot to the big dumpster. Then out came a man with his hands empty yelling to them to hurry up and lift it up into the dumpster. These were kids of the employees that worked there or I should say live there (which child labor laws would just love to hear about). As we entered the building we went to the main restroom to use the facilities and as we waited to get into the bathroom, a door that was marked private was opened by an employee coming out of that room and we couldnt believe our eyes, the employee then went quickly back into the room telling someone not to open the door because we were standing there and could see in. There were so many little kids in that room and the conditions of that room words can not describe other then nasty and unsafe. Later finding out all those kids belonged to the employees and owner and are left in there unattended while their parents were working(not sure what work they did concidering how gross the place was). Then we finally got into our rooms where our mouths hit the floor, our window was busted out, we had spiders all over in our room, big pieces of dust hanging from the ceiling, cracks in the walls with black mold, the pillows had yellow stains on them so bad you could see it through the pillow case, plus we found blood and lipstick on the pillow cases, the chairs were stained so bad we had to put a towel down just to sit down, there was so much dust in the room you could write your name in it, our lamp shade was covered in some brown stuff that ran down the lamp shade, there was dried milk splattered on the dresser, the bed sheets were not clean it had other peoples hair on it and then on the comforter there was a nice big spot of dried siemen, the bathroom had piss all over it as well as other peoples hair, the main room doors wouldn't latch shut unless slammed several times, and the smell of the room made you sick to your stomach, we checked out the pool and that was a nightmare as well, the pool was filled with a garden hose that was coming through the window, the walls were covered in black mold, the emergency exit was rusted shut and to top it off there was a big white plastic barrel about 4 feet tall that said danger poision in big letters on it sitting on the edge of the pool and the barrel was not empty, there was also a mop bucket sitting out in the middle of the room left unattended and looked to have been sitting there for quiet some time, the hot tub had black mold all over the wood frame that was going around the hot tub, the flooring around the pool was very dirty except one area of the floor that looked like it had got chemicals spilt on it and it ate the coloring of the floor right off. The carpet throughout the Hotel had stains everywhere, the stairs railing should have been brown but they were so dirty they were black and the walls were just as black with stuff smeared on them. The washer and dryer for guest was out of order and that area was so disgusting. There was no sit down area like the pictures showed, there was no breakfast area like the pictures showed (no free breakfast like their website claims) and the main walk in area is nothing close to the picture they show on their website. The fire exit plan was not posted in many areas and if they were they were out of date.The customer service was aweful and rude and they couldn't seem to answer any of our questions. so with all of these issues we decided to check out and leave right away. we went to the front desk and told them we were checking out and why they didnt seem to care. I asked for our money back that I paid online for 2 rooms and 2 nights and we were told no and that we would have to take it up with expedia. I asked them for the phone # of Expedia and they claimed they didn't have it. I then asked for super 8's headquarters office and they claimed to not have that eithier. I then asked for our check out papers that would show we checked out right away after checking in and they refused to give us any papers what so ever. So I told them I was going to be turning them in for the way the hotel was being ran under the Super 8 Hotel name and I also told them I was reporting them for an illegal Daycare they were running in the room behind the front desk. The lady made it very clear that she didn't care what we did or how we felt. she blew us off and turned up the tv at the front desk and began watching tv. I'm so upset that we were up into this type of enviroment seeing that I had my 2 young children and my adult parents with me. I'm sick to my stomach that Super 8 and expedia post false pictures and information to people who book online. This place needs to be shut down now and I can't believe that Super 8 lets them use their name when the hotel looks like your worste nightmare. I feel we should get a full refund and Expedia and Super 8 should be charged with falsifying information and photos. And OSHA should shut them down for all the violations this Super 8 has. Please do not stay here or your vacation will be ruined just like ours was. We took Photos of everything for proof of this matter so hopefully something can be done about this issue. This hotel should be thoroughly be inspected by the state and the Super 8 chain should be very appalled and disgusted as much as we were.


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Oct 31, 2007 12:00 am EDT

Getting ready to leave the Super 8 motel in Fortuna California USA I was sitting in my car cleaning up some work in my notebook wile sitting in my car, and was approached by the manager and he asked if I was saying another night I said no I was just finishing up some work before leaving. I am a 52 year old woman in a nice car, the manager fired at me with arms flying for me to leave his very empty parking lot now. I said that I would shut down and he started cursing at me and told me to get my car out of the f---ing parking lot. I asked for his name and he would not tell me I was very frightened of this crazy manager left my note book running and drove the few feet to a public area and resumed my work and this nutty manager kept waking back and forth flipping me off.

Jun 15, 2012 9:24 am EDT
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This room was never cleaned! There was receipts from walmart of the previous customer. There was something on the floor in the bathroom. The bath gel from the previous customer was still on the bath tub shelf. When I used a tissue to remove it and throw it in the trash it had been leaking and left a gooey, blue residue on that shelf. Eww!

We checked in late after driving all day. We tried to call the front desk to switch rooms but there was no answer! We would not sleep inside the sheets but used our own blankets to lay on top of the bed. We were concerned this might be the cleanliness standard and could not eat breakfast the next day. We'd rather pay extra than catch something from poor cleanliness!

When we checked out and complained to the desk manager. They knew of this issue with one of their cleaning staff. They took my name and number and said the hotel manager would call. I have yet to hear anything from them!

PO Box 18204, West St. Paul, MN 55118

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Mar 07, 2011 5:38 pm EST

On March 1 we were in Amarillo and wanted to make reservations
for the following night in Liberty KS. We made them on-line and when
we received our confirmation back noticed they were for March 1, not
March 2. We called Liberty right away and explained our problem and
the woman that answered said she would cancel but that she couldn't
get into her computer to make us new reservations. We called in the
morning and this time a man answered and said because we used the
internet, there was nothing he could do and that we would be charged
for that night. I know for a fact that you can change or cancel
reservations that are made on-line because I have done it. His greed
took over. If she would have told me that the night before I could
have gone back on-line to see if I could have prevented us from being
charged for a room we did not use. We always get a better rate
on-line and I think some motels resent that.

Jun 15, 2012 9:34 am EDT

No way, you got ### service at a Super 8?

Feb 04, 2008 6:49 pm EST

WOW Honey! Must have been an Indian! Well, they're very picky about their properties. I would have called the police on the ###! Geez, if I had an empty lot I would want cars parked in their to make it look like I had business.


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