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I went to the Sunoco gas station in Wallington, New Jersey on the corner of Locust and Wallington Ave. I ordered gas and the total was 15.00. I used my debit card and received a text message from my account balance that Sunoco was charged 76.00. That was the first time that happened to me so I decided to go back and speak to the man who served me the gas. I asked him about it and right away he became mean and saying the receipt said I charged 15.00. My reply was I don’t dispute the receipt and that I was not understanding why my account balance showed another fee. He started getting loud with me saying go to your bank. I saw first hand that he was not the one to talk to and asked if I can speak to a manager. He gets loud with me in front of my daughter saying I am the manager. He then yells out at me again go to your bank shew me away with his hands and walked away. My daughter started feeling very uncomfortable and recorded everything. That was so unprofessional and the man that works there alone needs anger management. He is rude, disrespectful, and this is not a good look for one to represent Sunoco. When dealing with customers there is a way to communicate and handle things respectfully. I was very upset about that and will never go there again. However my bank explained that when I used my card it automatically placed a 76.00 dollar hold on my account which makes no sense to me. On the other hand that man/manager needs to be replaced because he clearly needs help and training on how to communicate with people especially if we are spending money to buy gas from Sunoco. I really hope that someone checks this out and not just respond without any attention to address the issue and and make changes that it does not happen again. From what I see this man is not approachable to discuss anything without getting mad and offended. I challenge you to send someone undercover to pretend to be a complaining customer and you will see for yourself. His demeanor was a little frightening to me.

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