L Jul 10, 2019

I filled up my tank yesterday in Olney, MD and when the gas completed with filling the tank, it clicked (as it usually does when it's complete) and I then pulled out the gas pump. The gas was splirting out everywhere. The gas was all over me and my car and everything in the area. I tried to find a way to turn it off but was unable to. I was screaming for help and finally placed the gas pump on the ground and ran into the store screaming that gas was going everywhere.
They were able to shut it off on the inside. A patron helped me close my gas cover and move out of that spot. I was concerned about even driving the vehicle.
My car is brand new and now smells like gas because I was soaked with gas and had to drive home. My clothes are ruined and I needed to take my car to be washed.
I was there for about 20 minutes and nobody from the store checked in on me or made sure I was okay or apologized or anything. Cars started to pull up into the same spot full of gas until they finally blocked it off.
I've been going to this station for as long as I can remember. This was NOT a good experience for me.

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