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Purchase directly from suncore a pair of front struts for my 2007 mercedes gl320. They were installed in july 2015. The ride was softer than the ride with my original but, being much cheaper, I was satisfied with them.
Les than a year an 9000 mile only, both of them became defective. On exploded and the other air bag is out of shape and ready to blow.

I spoke to joe gratto (Customer service) , he told me that they became a llc. That my limited lifetime warranty would not cover. He offerded me a replacement set at a discounted price. He is asking me to pay 540$ for struts that might not last more than a year!

Suncore industries might have an ok (Not perfect) reputation on ebay, I believe that is because they treat ebay customers diferently.

Product did not last more than a year.

They did not respect the warranty I paid for.

I recommend you find an other supplier.

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