Sun Tan Citycustomer service/wait times

Ka Sep 30, 2019

I have been a Customer for close to 10 years. I moved from Dalton to Cleveland and found it convenient to continue tanning at Suntan City here in Cleveland, TN. Convenient is not even close! Not only do you have extremely long wait times (even if you check in with the app), but the customer service is terrible. The teenage girls have poor customer service etiquette. I rarely see adults in the salon guiding them. Beds are dirty when I go to get in them, lines are backed up, and they are constantly pushing customers to buy products (which is why the lines are so long). Hope was at the front desk tonight and I am so glad I left without giving her commission from any of my purchases!!! Unfortunately there aren't many tanning salons in Cleveland or I would have left Suntan a long time ago!!

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