Sun Communitiesservice

Today I was rudely addressed by Tierra Gully the secretary at Candle light (Sun Homes) I went in to pay my rent and Tierra Gully stated that I was short without any explanation as to why I was short and not to return until I have the full amount... when I spoke with the office manager about her behavior he advised that he as the office manager is the only one that has to be professional at this property but no other staff member is required to be professional he went on to say and I quote "I could see you being out of pocket"
I just moved to this property the end of August I was once the property manager decided to look at my case he saw that I was not short because I was being charged for a grass cutting fee that took place on the same day I signed my lease which is why I was not liable for that extra payment. I was very upset that I was basically disrespected and told that I would not be treated as a tenant unless I had direct contact with the manager himself which I find baffling... I work with the public everyday and not ever would I treat anyone with that type of behavior especially when it's a paying tenant trying to pay their rent

Oct 04, 2019

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