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When I spoke with the representative on the phone the details of coverage explained & e-mailed to me did not match the contract paper work. When I questioned the discrepancies, it was explained “I must have misunderstood”, I explained I had an e-mail with the details & price quote, which I had to forward back to a manager (I guess he thought I was lying). When they called back they were very abrasive and challenging, no offer of a solution, compromise, or apology for what could have been and honest mistake. Since I had to pay a 10% deposit to secure the policy & rate offered in order to have the contract sent for review, signed and returned, I had to fight for a refund. They continued to keep trying to sell me policies. Ultimately, I called my card company and filed a fraudulent charge in order to receive my refund. After I received a call back from a “manager” telling me I was “out of line” going to my credit card company. Unbelievable!!!
Fight harder to get the copy of the contract prior to paying anything, even if you all ready have it in writing via e-mail.


  • Ug
    UGetWhatUPay4 Apr 22, 2009

    Im sorry if your experience was bad with a company such as however there are people who are out there that are EXTREMELY Happy with the service provider by this company such as myself. For all the complaints that are out there for any company there are thousands of those who are completely satisfied its just the ones that are happy don't think to start blogs, comment boards and such as we have more productive things to do with our time. But it is people like this who start what seems to be slander if it isn't proven 100% true. Believe me when I say I have throughly checked out the company and have to say that if CNN a worldwide television channel (with worldwide creditibility) would allow a so-called fradulent company such as this to run there advertisement on its channel I am 100% positive that they have checked out up, down andinside out I fully bellieve that if there were any slim chance of them being a scam or fraud CNN would have shut down there commercial with that said, I have had a policy with them for about 2 yrs and have had several claims paid for completely just having to give $100 to my mechanic for several repairs that would have been well above the cost of my entire policy. So this post leads me to believe you were looking for something to protect you for almost nothing...I myself was brought up that you get what you pay for $1000 like you wanted or thought it would cost to cover a transmission that costs well over that come on now get a life. I really wish those who have had a great experience with will take time to post to the cheap scums out there that have nothing better to do but spread gossip and crap about why they didn't get something worth its weight in gold for almost nothing, SHAME ON YOU!

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  • Co
    coltiniraq Apr 23, 2009

    Uh - you don't happen to work for the company do you? A little over zealous for my liking.

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  • Ug
    UGetWhatUPay4 Apr 23, 2009

    Sorry u feel that way but I am not even in the state that they are in, b4 accusing me of why i know what state u guessed it i done my homework b4 i took out a policy when i did. im just a happy consumer that knows how these blogs work u hardly ever hear of the good things just always the negative. So instead of arguing or accusing others of being employees, exployees or even owners just let facts speak for themselves. I am only a happy consumer that has had my policy for a while and I am satisfied with this company. I have seen the reports all over the net about a company that is also located in the same area as this its us fidelis and they are being sued by there state for fraud and not paying out there policies. so to keep others from being confused I wanted to be one of the few people to let others know that there can be a honest place to do buisness with out there even if the satisfied customers do not start a blog. I guess you can say i believe there is ALWAYS 2 SIDES TO EVERY STORY... Sorry if we do not agree or you simply think that just because someone doesnt agree with another that you dont have to pay for what you get. If you name implys you are in iraq and protecting our country i would like to thank you for your bravery and for keeping us free here in america.

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  • Zp
    Zprotect Apr 28, 2009

    UGetWhatUPay4 is paid to post that drivel. I guess that's obvious to everyone. Just ignore it.

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  • Pd
    PDXguy Apr 28, 2009

    It is common practice for these scammers to put their employees to work on these boards trying to calm the fury many of us feel over their shady practices. Specifically to you "UgetwhatUpay4" it's funny you only posted on this ONE company and also very strange you would confront the original poster because he was telling his experience. You went on to insult him... the same way he was insulted by the company when he spoke to them. You're not fooling anybody, don't trust these peole the money you lose can be better put in your own bank account and use it when your car has problems. Better yet, try to buy from the manufacturer when possible or ask them who they recommend for aftermarket warranties.

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  • Sm
    smart shopper May 03, 2009

    The Attorney General, Consumer Protection and Better Business Bureau as well as the consumer advocates ALL state the same fact - If you have to pay before you get your paperwork, it is probably not legitimate. This prepayment should be enough to send you running in the opposite direction. If you are looking for fact based information regarding these companies, you can go to The Federal Trade Commission provides lots of information and can help you figure out if the company is legitimate or not. You can also contact your states attorney general, consumer protection and better business offices. One more fact - for every ONE person that does complain, there are 50 who DO NOT but instead will go tell every friend, relative, neighbor and anyone else that will listen. This is an important fact to consider whenever you see a complaint that is NOT resolved satisfactorily by the company. If the company is legit and they value their customers, they will do everything within their power to correct a problem. If they don't - they don't care and that is really indicative of what you could be dealing with. This type of research is true homework, not listening to someone sing praises of a company you and your associates know nothing about. Contact the above mentioned organizations to find out the FACTS. Good Luck.

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  • Hg
    hgd345 May 05, 2009

    if CNN a worldwide television channel (with worldwide creditibility) would allow a so-called fradulent company such as this to run there advertisement on its channel I am 100% positive that they have checked out up, down andinside out I fully bellieve that if there were any slim chance of them being a scam or fraud CNN would have shut down there commercial.

    That's pretty funny. Most of the scam companies like phony health insurance, car warranties etc are the main advertisers on CNN, CNBC and Fox. They don't check anything out, they just grab the money. BTW if someone is actually paying "ugetwhatyoupay4" they should get their money back as the spelling is atrocious.

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  • Ti
    TiredOfScams May 05, 2009

    I agree with "smart shopper". Prepayment in itself indicates something is wrong here. Too many scams in our system. This is simply because our legal system fails to protect consumer interests in a proper way. Look at the banking system and the consumer credit practices. It is time to change and eliminate such business practices through proper legislations.

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  • Ex
    Ex - NDW employee May 05, 2009

    I use to work for National Dealers Warranty(NDW) and this guy seems like either an emplyee, owner, or manager that wants to squash all news coverage about what they do there. There is not really a bait and switch problem but more so a deception problem. I was young, straight out of college, and making a lot more than my fellow graduates at national dealers warranty. Then I realized why. This company brainwashes young eager salespeople from the get go. They teach you to lie and deceive and a general skill of sales! I have been reprimanded at the company for not decieving! this is when I decided to quit. I agree with hgd345, why would cnn give a care who advertises on their channel when they run the comercial over and over and pay a ton of money. Do you also think u, i mean ndw, (haha) are reputable cause you sponser a nascar?

    I use to work for NDW so what I say can be backed up because it is the reason I left the company. I have a conscience - Which is why I look these blogs and try to let the truth out.

    I have heard a lot about USFidelis too but cannot speak of them as I did not work there. But - The Owners of NDW use to work at National Dealer Warranty Services(NAWS) also known as USFidelis today, so that might tell you a little about where NDW got their tricks of trade. HAHA!

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  • Ex
    Ex - NDW employee May 05, 2009 is also known as National Dealers Warranty...and about 3 other names...hmmm...why would you want multiple names?

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  • Va
    ValiOcean May 05, 2009

    Do any of you know of a reputable vehicle repair insurance or extended warranty company?

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  • Qu
    Questionable May 07, 2009

    Hello from Texas everyone. I just purchased a policy 2 days ago. Yep, paid the down pymt and they said the paperwork would be here in 2-3 weeks. someone said they never GOT a policy? hey previous employees of ndw... i have read your notes about the deception, can you give some examples of the TYPE of deception to this newcomer? and do you also know as previous employees whether others are very happy with their policy? (Side question: do they pay the claim direct or does the client pay & get reimbursed?) Since ndw is said to be deceptive, what other companies are believed to operate with better principles? As you know, I have 30 days to get a refund. .. which is the reason for all the questions. :>)

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  • Fi
    Figment May 07, 2009

    All I have to say is let's remember Blue Hippo? The people who sell you a computer with NO CREDIT CHECK! Then you call them, find out you have to pay half the bill before they'll ship your computer, you end up with a computer that's a year old, and you've already paid enough to buy a NEW one outright from the same company who MADE the computer, and you still owe hundreds of dollars on it.
    Try and cancel once you find this out? Prepare for hoop jumping.
    A lot of these car warranty companies are a sham. Like someone above said, if you have to pay before seeing any paperwork, stay away.
    Also, like Blue Hippo, if a company has to continually change it's name to avoid bad press (Look up BH's lawsuits and their $5m dollar settlement) then it's bad. Stay away.
    I work for a major cable network, and I can say about the advertising (As we used to advertise Blue Hippo, and the next company they became) that a lot of advertising isn't checked for legitimacy. It's simply checked to make sure it's suitable for said network. i.e. Language, nudity, and disturbing images.

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  • Sf
    sfe333 May 09, 2009

    It really is amazing how freely the words 'scam' and 'fraud' are thrown around these days. Yeah, has complaints, but can you name a company that doesn't? Look at companies like Sears, with over 16k complaints on BBB, a far shot from SRB's 200 or so, all of which have been resolved. These people putting these 'scam' blogs most likely never even attempted to receive the service (a paid repair bill) which is what the warranties are all about.

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  • Fs
    fsujim May 11, 2009

    Stoprepairbills gets a BBB rating of "F", the lowest possible rating, while Sears is a BBB accredited business. Unlike sfe333's claim that all complaints were resolved, that is not correct. There were many unresolved complaints. As for attempting to receive the service, there were unresolved complaints about that too.

    5 - Disputed warranty coverage and/or terms
    1 - Failure to honor money-back guarantees
    6 - Failure to honor service under the terms of warranties
    2 - Failure to provide promised written warranty or guarantee
    10 - None of the Above - Guarantee or Warranty Complaint Issue

    Considering that only a fraction of dissatisfied customers will make a BBB complaint, the actual number of problems is much higher.

    Some may think that scam or fraud is an appropriate description for a business that changes its name because of badwill in the former name, that has numerous complaints and that doesn't even resolve a significant percentage of the complaints after BBB tries to get them to do it and receives the worst possible rating from BBB.

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  • Co
    coffeebean May 18, 2009

    I too saw this commercial on televison and was extremely tempted to purchase. When I called they gave me the same line about having to ask their manager for special approval to offer me a policy because my vehicle was outside the manufacturers warranty. The guy explained to me that they have been in business for over 30 years and directed me to their website ( for testimonials, etc... Initially he offered me 5 years or 100, 000 miles worth of coverage for a down payment of $329 and from then on like $140/month. I advised that was alot of money and after haggling he eventually got me down to $100 downpayment and $84/month interest free for 24 months and explained that the coverage would still last for 3 more years after it was paid for. I was very apprehensive however, about them not sending me any paperwork or giving me any literature unless I gave them my credit card information. They said I had 30 days to cancel with no penalties but needed my credit card information in order to have the paperwork shipped out. I can understand this a little because a lot of companies will not send you a contract without payment because there is no contract and as far as literature is concerned they obviously do all of their advertising on their website and through commercials. I saw the ad on ESPN while watching SportsCenter not CNN. I am just very confused with all of the blogs out there and conflicting information on whether or not they are a reputable company. I am apprehensive about the upfront payment system and haggling in the beginning but then I found an article that said " Announces Primary Sponsorship of Key Motorsports No. 40 Chevrolet in Nationwide Series". When I looked it up they are sponsoring some kind of race in Mooresville, NC ( Someone please help me and let me know if this comapny is legit or not.

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  • Co
    consumer May 28, 2009

    CNN does not check out, nor does anyone check, who advertises with them until people complain. Advertisers are the bread and butter for companies

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  • Wh
    Whisp Jun 01, 2009

    Uh, CNN also also allows friggin EXTENZ to advertise on their network, so...nuff said.

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  • Ja
    jaso Jun 02, 2009

    I just called to cancel because they wouldn't cover a part that was said to be covered. Long story short guy would not let me cancel kept giving me the run around and then called me a liar. He then the longer I lied to him the longer he would keep me on hold. stay away from this company.

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  • Ny
    nypete Jun 10, 2009

    I just got a call from because I had inquired about their company awhile ago.
    I was offerred a 5 year warranty on my vehicle that was over their limit mileagewise, but was given an exception only after the representative "received permission from her supervisor". She then offered me a warranty for $2793 with $295 up front. I then asked if there were other policies available and there were. I asked her if I could check out their website to read in detail the contract offered and was told that the offer was good only while I was on this call. HELLO!! WARNING!! WARNING!! I then told here that I would need to read a contract before I made any monetary comittment. She said that she would wait if I wanted to read the information from their website. I gave it a quick check and without reading their contract in detail because I honestly didn't have the time right then and there. I then asked here if there were other contracts-she offered me some.
    Since I had to get off the phone I again told her I would call her back that afternoon after I had read the contract I was interest in-the legalese is important!!. Again I was told that the offer was good only for that call, and what would I do if my car broke down without their warranty. I told her I would get it fixed. She then proceeded with the hard sell and I at first I told her politely that I had to go. She then started to get more aggressive--WARNING!!WARNING!! my mind screams. I quickly hung up before I lost my temper and came to this site.
    I warn anyone who reads this review seriously consider what you are getting into and READ THE CONTRACT FIRST BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING and go to sites like this. I read their contract offered me and found that the coverage offered is way out of line with their pricing. I am sure that if I did some more due diligence I could find more than a few disgruntled customers that have dealt with this firm.
    Again I repeat DO NOT be pressured into anything. If the offer is good now it should be good tomorrow AFTER you did your research and if the salesperson says different- you must consider that the company is not one you want to do business with.
    BE CAREFUL-the world has many wolves in sheep's clothing.

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  • Fo
    foxymethoxy Jun 10, 2009

    Ok, so I saw this ad today and I figured that since I had just gotten rid of an old car that had to have too many repairs, this might be a good deal for my new used car (98 Volvo v70). I called and talked to a guy named Brian, who seemed like a nice guy, and he offered me an initial rate with a downpayment in the $200 range with a $155 monthly payment. He did the whole finance manager deal and eventually talked it down to $100 downpayment and $93 a month, which is not too bad I think. So I purchased that plan. I then read this site and some others and there seems to be a lot of talk about the customer service, the BBB rating (for NDW), and the sales method, but no talk of how good the actual *insurance" policy is, with the exception of a few people who said they received good service. So I purchased a plan after the guy assured me that I can get a full refund within 30 days if I find any problem with the policy whatsoever. If he's lying I'll file a fraudulent charge claim against the $100 downpayment through my bank before the 30 days is up and cancel the card used so that they cannot reuse it. I grilled the guy about the BBB rating and about what would happen if the company fell through and he assured me that they were insured by the Great American Insurance company so that even if they did fall through the coverage would still remain intact. Anyways, I guess I'm going to take the bait and see if it is worth it once the paperwork actually comes in. If it never comes in I'll let you all know. I ended the phone call with, "If you [censored] me Brian I'm going to make a ridiculous amount of noise and [censored] you too!"

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  • A9
    a911medic Jun 22, 2009

    I was also a victim. I work 21 days away from home and ordered while i was away. The price was almost cut in half to make the deal. Then $150 down and $105/mo. I made the down payment Apr 5th and had to go back to work Apr 29th and still hadn't received my paperwork, so I called in to cancel. I was told that due to my schedule they would give me additional time. I advised I wouldn't be home again until May 20th and was told that was fine. I said I wanted that in writing or an email or something, and I was told that she typed it in my notes and the phone calls were recorded as well. I got home and received the paperwork and the contract was very different from what I was told on the phone and there was certainly no mention of having to put Prolong in my engine, transmission, A/C, and radiator, and that those products must be present at all times. So when you change your oil, you have to purchase and additional $30 bottle of Prolong. I called back in to cancel and was told I was outside the 30 day window, and I had to argue to get them to acknowledge that I was given additional time. Then it became a 45 day window to cancel and that was the LAST day of it. I faxed them in the requested letter, and convenient for them, they say they didn't get it, so I was billed for another month. I was livid and called and and they said they didn't get it and I was past 45 days now and when I explained the circumstances she said to refax the letter and she would honor it on the original fax date. So I did, and they received it, but they still refuse to refund me. I've filed with BBB, the FTC, and the attorney general's office in Missouri, and I'm not done. They cost me $360, so I'm hoping to cost them at least 1 customer.

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  • Te
    teague Jun 23, 2009

    It's not really bait n switch; it's take all the money on the table. Companies play lip service to the rules but the bottom line is $. So it comes down to personal integrity, industry oversight and punitive responsibility.

    Most understand, even holding your money for a few months is valuable. Trust no one and be most cautious when you have a pressing need or it's a large ticket item.

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  • Js
    jsunchz Jun 24, 2009

    This is exactly why I came to this website to check up on these people. I was going to give them a call for my 08 expedition, but not after reading this crap about them. Yes I do believe everything bad that is being said about this company. Thank you, all of you, who took the time to post about your frustrations and bad experience with this company. It was helpful.

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  • We
    weneedhonesty Jul 03, 2009

    I too called and was given a 5yr, 100k mile quote for $295 down and $138 a month covering EVERYTHING with no deductable. It sounded to good to be true. I almost excepted the offer when my husband beeped in. I told him I had the company on the other line and gave him the quote. He then said it sounds to good to be true we needed to research the company first just in case. I then go back to the CSR to inform him and he basically said its either a yes or no because the rates quoted would not be honored because I was over 150k. I advised him I needed to think about it and would take my chances. At this point I'm not sure who or what to believe. I just wish there were a lot more honesty from people and businesses. We are in tough times and have no room for scams.

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  • Wa
    Warrantygold ripoff Jul 06, 2009

    Everyone...I was a victim of Warranty Gold. The people here are probably the same people who ran that scam. What they did is they took anyone's and everyones money and when the claims became too large decided to declare bankrupcy. I never had a chance to put a claim in. I see more and more warranty companies coming out of the woodwork. You are better off saving money on and saving for that possible auto repair bill plus your money will recieve interest and you have control over it. Make the payments to yourself! All these warranty companies want is your money and for you to make payments and if something happens (like skipping a payment or being late on a payment) then you forfeited your contract. Remember and save for yourself.

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  • Vd
    Vdiddy Jul 07, 2009

    I just received a call from these guys after seeing the commercial several times on CNN and going to their website ( I let the salesperson talk to me for maybe 10 minutes or so about how sweet a deal I'd be getting to purchase a policy with this company. VERY fast-talking, savvy individual! But then, so am I. The salesman (Brandon) hurled out a barrage of numbers and figures in a futile attempt to impress me. Offered me a 5-yr policy, $295 down pymt, $138/mo x 18 mos, policy effective after 90 days and I could ONLY see the contract in writing AFTER I'd given him my CC info and paid the deposit.

    I told him I was BROKE, needed time to think it over, and no matter what, would NOT be buying today. He then proceeded to tell me it was a now or never offer, put me on hold a couple times to seek a manager's approval to see if he could make an "exception" in my case, magically reappeared with the reduced down pymt of $50, and THEM emphasized that if I was undecided today, the whole "deal" would expire at the end of the phone call! Are you serious??!! Needless to say, I did NOT buy.

    Rule of thumb: if a company or individual insists on selling you something before showing you the fine print in writing, you should automatically be on red alert. Don't do it. Most legitimate businesses will give you time and written information about an offer before asking you to commit to a purchase.

    And as far as CNN (or any other network or radio station) goes, they will, in fact, allow most ANYONE to advertise on their networks --- for a price! Case in point, all the pharmaceutical ads pushing drugs that do more harm than good. Every other commercial on CNN is a drug commercial! With that being said, I think is a shoe-in on CNN. So for anyone out there confirming a company's legitimacy simply b/c they're on TV, networks grow and thrive on ratings, support from their sponsors, and MORE ratings --- not a company's credibility. [My two cents]

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  • El
    El Barrio Jul 08, 2009

    Bait and switch 100%

    They just switched names from National Dealer Warranties to, rings the bell..

    Jefferson City, Mo. - A St. Louis-area business that sent misleading postcards and letters to consumers informing them that they had limited time to purchase renewed, extended warranties for their vehicles will pay $29, 955 to consumers and the state, and make fundamental changes in the way it operates. Attorney General Jay Nixon had sued National Dealers Warranty Inc. and five other businesses in March as part of "Operation Taken for a Ride", a crackdown on fraudulent solicitations for motor vehicle extended service contracts (MVESCs).

    The lawsuit against National Dealers Warranty (NDW) alleged that the St. Peters business failed to inform consumers that it was not affiliated with the dealers or manufacturers of the vehicles, or that it was actually selling motor vehicle extended service contracts instead of warranties. Because of the misrepresentations, Nixon said, some consumers purchased contracts they did not need.

    "The common theme in the legal action we took in March was that consumers were frightened or misled into purchasing goods or services they didn't need, often at a cost of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars, " Nixon said. "Today's consent judgment forces one of these companies to change how it does business, and requires it to give consumers more accurate information in making a purchasing decision."

    The consent judgment filed today in St. Charles County requires NDW to pay $4, 955 in restitution to four consumers and $25, 000 to the Attorney General's Office for its costs in bringing the lawsuit. Nixon said the order also requires NDW to make fundamental changes in its solicitations. Those changes include prohibiting the company from:

    Informing potential customers that their current auto warranties are expired unless this statement is true and is followed by a disclaimer stating that this assertion does not take into consideration any extended service contracts that the potential customer may have already purchased;
    Offering to sell MVESCs to potential customers without informing them that NDW is not selling an extended motor vehicle warranty;
    Offering to sell MVESCs to potential customers without informing them that NDW is not affiliated with the manufacturer that produced the customers' motor vehicles or the dealers who sold the motor vehicles when they were brand new;
    Offering to sell MVESCs to potential customers without giving them, when requested, an opportunity to review the MVESC contract form before they agree to purchase same;
    Omitting to inform potential customers that NDW is merely selling MVESCs on behalf of a third party who will actually be responsible for administering the MVESC; and
    Offering to sell MVECS through the use of automated telemarketing calls unless such calls are administered in full compliance with laws including, but not limited to, Do-Not-Call regulations/laws at both the state and federal level.
    Lawsuits against five other businesses that were sued as part of Operation Taken for a Ride are still pending.

    Nixon encouraged consumers who have complaints about businesses selling motor vehicle extended service contracts to file complaints with his office, either by going online to, or by calling the Consumer Protection Hotline (Missouri only) at [protected].

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  • El
    El Barrio Jul 08, 2009

    Nixon encouraged consumers who have complaints about businesses selling motor vehicle extended service contracts to file complaints with his office, either by going online to, or by calling the Consumer Protection Hotline (Missouri only) at [protected] or [protected]

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  • El
    El Barrio Jul 08, 2009

    That 5yr, 100k mile quote for $295 down and $138 a month covering EVERYTHING is a BIG FAT LIE!!

    They only cover ENGINE and TRANSMISSION, in most cases if you have a problem with either one, they will use any excuses to deny claim..that is how MOST WARRANTY companies operate. Including NDW/

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  • El
    El Barrio Jul 08, 2009


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  • Dg
    DGrant09 Jul 10, 2009

    Thank you so much for all the warnings about this shady company.

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  • Wa
    WarrantyBureau Jul 13, 2009

    The Warranty Companies here in St. Louis like also known at National Dealers Warranty have terrible records with the BBB. Go yo It will show you how to get every penny back.

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  • Wa
    WarrantyBureau Jul 13, 2009

    Use our cancel process at, we show you how to get every penny back. These companies use high pressure tactics.

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  • Lo
    loadcp Jul 19, 2009

    I just got off the phone with this company. I was given the same pitch and offered the exact same numbers, down to the $50 down to send the contract out. I was given the "exception" after the rep spoke to a manager. And also told that the offer would expire at the termination of the call. I said I understood because I wanted to hear his offer. I was interested. The rep seemed like a nice enough, down to earth guy. That is until I heard all that he had to say and asked my questions. When the answers were not quite what I wanted to hear, mostly the part that I had to pay before I could see the contract, he became short and rude. I apologized for wasting his time and he went on to tell me that I did in fact waste his time and we was glad he had to work on Sunday to talk to people like me who are afraid of commitment. I told him that we might have a good long talk about commitment after he followed my lead and commited to serve his country for 6+ years. In fairness, he did apologize for that comment. I reminded him that he called me and that I had no intention of speaking to anyone when I filled out the form on their website. Only after I did that did I know that I was going to be called. All it said was get a quote. All in all, I was very concerned about the whole deal after I was told that I would have to pay upfront. I cannot speak of the service as far as the company actually honoring the products, but I will venture to guess that if the service is anything the treating of a potential will be way below par.

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  • Sy
    Syrena Jul 27, 2009

    I had seen this commercial on TV yesterday and decided to call and get a quote. First off they wanted my VIN# right off the bat RED FLAG!!!. I told him I would not provide any info of that sort until I get some information from them. I was given the same "need to ask my manager" speech that everyone else got. They also got very short with me when I asked them why their website said one thing and he was telling me another. He asked me who would fix my car when it broke down? and I told him my brother would and he would make sure that it was done properly and hung up.

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  • Mr
    mr. paul Jul 30, 2009

    Just by seeing all these comments, its enough to conclude that is an obvious scam. And the thing about them being avertised on CNN.. MONEY IS MONEY! People dont care where it comes from. Just get a real warranty and dont be scammed.

    UGetWhatUPay4 - Seriously, just shut up. You only hurt yourself... whether you work for them or not, why the hell spend an hour writing all that dumb crap. common sense.. and your boss is an idiot.

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  • Jo
    JoGol Jul 31, 2009

    For the comment about "CNN allowing [] from running their ad" CNN has nothing to do with the ads that run. That is the auspice of the cable company, you dolt. The cable company couldn't care less what ads they run as long as they don't violate FCC regulations and the advertiser pays their bills.

    How dare you invoke the name of a major network to hide behind. That's typical BS. If you want to do that, you should invite CNN to do a report on your company that proves it's legitimate.

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  • 1s
    #1 salesman Aug 01, 2009

    You contract people are somthing else. Go back to your shanties!! Welcome to America

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  • Ch
    Chiara 2009 Aug 02, 2009

    Many dittos! Basically EVERYTHING everyone else said about the "Spiel" the "Manager Permission" the "It's only good offer while on this call", the don't worry about the money, we have very "Special financing" etc., and much more, and finally the REFUSAL to accept NO for an answer! (I finally HAD to hang up on him) As for the Must be good, they are advertising on TV - Really? OMG has NO ONE listened to the commercials? As has been mentioned above, the content of the commercial is of NO importance to the Networks! Duh! i'ts ALL about the Money! Period. FYI I, of course did NOT fall for the HARD CORE SALES PITCH!

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