Steak 'n Shakeservice & customer service

D Nov 09, 2019

I admit that this store on this Saturday was slightly busy. Wife and I arrived at 2:00 PM. Seated quickly and ordered immediately. Our order was first delivered at 2:32PM, and it was not ours and was taken back. Reordered and food was delivered at 2:48PM. During this whole time we were setting next to the service area and could hear the waitresses arguing quite loudly the entire time. There seems to be no organization at all. It was not just our table having issues. We saw food being delivered at different tables, and you could tell the wrong food was delivered because it was sent back. That's wasted food, and money lost out the the company's profits. Most all customers around us were having similar concerns. While we were there, we witnessed groups at two different tables just get up and leave, after their drinks were delivered but they never received their food orders and left. Visited this location several times, because it's the closest to us, but have never seen it close to this bad before.

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