Steak 'n Shakefood / bed bugs

D Dec 22, 2019

I've been to this location a couple of times. The first time I was there the latino lady was awesome food was great and she didn't even have help that night in the dining room. But everything was great. But when I get home and take off my clothes there's a bed bug on my shirt big and nasty... Called the next day to inform them.. So I go back 12/22/19. Restaurant not crowded these young girls were the waitress. Took out order we waited over thirty mins. I go use the restroom and quests what there's a bed bug crowding in the stall on the floor. So we finally get our food. The stuff was awful. Tomato soggy ordered special bread that was old. I said something to the waitress she so rude "she says what you want me to do? Do you want another sandwich! No thank you. She walks away and go str8 back to another employee and says now we got got old bread talking loud. I heard her conversation! So unprofessional. I didn't eat any more of my food. I waited for the ppl I was with to finish their food. Which was awful but they still ate it. Took them bout 15 mins a manager never came out... It's time to pay walk to the front. The manager is there messing with the cash register our waitress is there discussing that he needs to remove another employee from the cook station and put her in her place. I ask the man are you the manager! He say yes with this confused look on his face. I go on to tell him about my issues. He says he didn't make the meal. I also told him about the bed bug I had just seen in the restroom. He says he aware of that problem and he's trying to figure out how to fix it. I ended up paying for one meal and a milk shake. What's so crazy the milk shake I paid for came with the meal they didn't charge me for. The young girl with the afro with blonde in it. Got all fustrated when I asked what am I paying 11.48 for the meal my friend ate was 5.99. Instead of me arguing with this girl I went on and paid. Manager walks away never fixed anything or apologize. This location needs to be shut down. Inside of the window ledges are dirty blinds are dirty walls. I'm gonna take this complaint a little further I don't even think the food should be served to the public.

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