Starbuckstoo long to get order

Cm Oct 01, 2019

Ordered 2 drinks - passion ice tea and nitro cold brew with sweet cream. The nitro drink came out but the passion ice tea didnt. Stood there for another 10 mins waiting on the rest of my order. No one asked to help me. Went back to the cashier and asked about my order. He said i'm sorry about that. We are pretty busy but your drink should be coming up. After another 5 mins of waiting and watching orders coming in after me get their drinks. I returned to the cashier, cancelled the order and demanded my money back.
I don't know how your work group is organized but its clear that the orders are not completed in the order that they come in. Poor customer service - letting people watch while other orders after theirs get filled and no one questioning and asking why you are still waiting.

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